The January Sales: A Survival Guide

January 8th, 2015 by

Everyone wants to bag a bargain in the post-Christmas sales, but what’s the best way to buy?

While most of us a wanting to shed some baggage in the post-Christmas period, there are plenty among us that are wanting to pick up more: the January sales shoppers. Piled high with cut-price goodies, the January sales shopper is the original bargain hunter, although some rivalry has emerged since the Black Friday shoppers hit the UK back in early December.

Year on year, the retail industry grows in the month of January as we Brits trudge out into the cold to cheer up our January blues with a few new bits and pieces (or in some cases more than a few). Our economic recovery has sent spending back up: the amount spent in January 2014 increased by 4.4% as compared with January 2013, with online sales increasing by nearly 9%.

Braving the sales can be a challenge, and yet thousands take to the streets to secure a bargain from as early as Boxing Day. ‘Next’ fashion store holds its annual sale beginning on Boxing Day, and this year saw 600 eager shoppers queueing up outside the Oxford Street store in London in time for the 6am opening, with some people even queueing through the night. These shoppers aren’t just after a bargain, they’re out for the thrill of the competition.

Check out this survival guide to get the most out of the January sales:

  1. Set your alarm: Much like on Black Friday, queues start to form hours before store opening times, so it’s best practice to be up and out there early doors to be sure of a good spot in the queue. With many shops opening their doors before the sun comes up your alarm will have to be set for a pre-breakfast dash!
  2. Fuel up: Sales shopping is a lengthy business; just queueing time alone can last hours. Make sure you eat well and pack plenty of water to be on form for a long day, and take a break to have some lunch along the way – you might even get a bargain on your meal.
  3. Don’t hang around: Although they’re known as the January sales, many discounts begin late-December, and Boxing Day is a big day in the retail calendar. Get through the doors before January to secure the best pick of the discounts on offer; you can always make multiple trips throughout January!
  4. Go digital: For those who don’t enjoy the thrill of the experience of sale shopping, why not shop online? Amazon’s sale began online on Christmas Day afternoon, and is rolling out fresh deals daily until the New Year. In fact, most retailers are running their sale both online and instore, with some offering exclusive online discounts. Doing your sale shopping online allows you to grab a bargain from the comfort of your own home, and you’ll even get to have a lie-in and avoid the stress of the queues.
  5. Hit the UK2 January sale!

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