Keeping Up With The Joneses – Web Address Style

July 24th, 2014 by

Apple, Chanel, Walmart and Coke are all getting up to speed with the new generation of web addresses. Are you?

Since the start of the year, the Internet has been full of stories about the way the online landscape is transforming. In January, a new range of web address endings were released for sale, as alternatives to .com and Commentators said the World Wide Web was changing shape forever.

Some businesses jumped at the chance to revolutionise their web address. Forward-thinking businesses like and already have their websites up and running using their new web address endings.

Other companies, meanwhile, have waited to see how the Joneses have reacted to the new address endings.

Now, six months into the sale of the new wave of addresses, the results are in. UK2 can reveal that some of the world’s biggest brands fall into the ‘Joneses’ category. Now is the time for businesses to make a move if they want to keep up with them. Here’s how…

Get a .wiki

Status symbol brands like Chanel, Hallmark and Apple have all applied for a new .wiki web address ending. It’s thought that Apple will use their .wiki address to funnel customers to their educational materials.

Develop content channels

Industry commentators believe that big brands like Macy’s and Walmart will use their new web address endings to drive purchase decisions. Using the new web addresses they’ll be able to hyper-tune the purchasing journey right from the moment their customers see their web address. For example, it will no longer just be that customers see, but Web addresses like this will get customers to the right departments, quicker.

Target your marketing

It’s believed that companies like Coke will begin to use the new web addresses to create targeted marketing campaigns. It’s thought that eventually, these campaign-related web addresses will be as commonplace as hashtags and twitter handles on marketing materials.

Get on board with big data

Industry insiders have speculated that the new web address endings will open doors to new analytics practices. If they are used in the ways above, then they will give companies even greater opportunity for customer insights and micro-data mining.

To ensure you don’t fall behind the Joneses, get your business a new web address ending today at the UK2 website. Prices start from less than £10. 



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