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August 14th, 2007 by

A hot topic in the world of online marketing is Landing Page Optimisation, so much so that both our Graphic Designers have been booked onto a course!

Here at UK2 we’ve dabbled a little in Landing Page Optimisation, by testing a variety of styles of web pages to see which convert better. However, I read this article not long ago which actually looks at optimisation of the order process, and it was interesting to see how our thoughts were on the right track.

To quote Marketing Experiments:

“It is the efficacy of the website’s purchase funnel – the pages that make up the buying process – that determines whether the visitor becomes a customer or merely a statistic.”

Wow, how true is that? And that’s why we embarked on launching a new order process. Admittedly we were restricted in terms of how much we could immediately change, but there were some really small but key things we could do.

The ultimate goal for us, as Marketing Experiments explains, was to reduce “Sales Process Friction”. Sales Process Friction is defined as the psychological resistance to a given element in the sales process i.e. something that causes aggravation, fatigue, effort or confusion. Some friction is necessary and inevitable as at the end of the day a sales process is hardly ever easy and it means the customer parting with hard earned money, but it can be minimised by managing two factors; 1) the length and 2) the complexity of the order process.

Here’s what we did to our order process which coincides with Marketing Experiments analysis:

The Stepped Approach

Although we mentioned steps in the old order process they were never much of a feature. Now we have a prominent, progress bar at the top on the order process which shows the customer exactly where they are and most importantly how far is left!

The steps have clear objectives too:

  • Step 1 = Search for the product / service
  • Step 2 = Customise the product / service
  • Step 3 = Tell us who you are
  • Step 4 = Tell us how you are going to pay
  • Step 5 = A summary and confirmation
  • By splitting the order process into these 5 sensible and expected steps we thought that customers would be much more comfortable in providing the information they were expected to give.

    Essential Information Only

    We also tried to reduce “Perceived Form Length” by trying to ensure we show and ask for only essential information.

    We merged some decisions and used (and will use) more “Hide Details” and “Show Details” links so that the minimum amount of information is presented to the customer in the first instance. That way customers can find out more, but only if they want or need to. Otherwise they can just whiz through the process.

    We also tried to used as much plain English as possible, and the introduction of sections and icons make it easier to read.

    Finally we’ve added the Shopping Basket to the right hand side of every page, which means customers can check what they’ve added and their running total at all times, eliminating any shocks in the final stages!

    We’re going to be making even more enhancements over time, to make our order process even better. If you have any comments on our new order process, please email

    If you’d like to read the full Marketing Experiments article, please click here.



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