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Hi everyone,

Last month I updated you on some Domain Name statistics from the Q3 2008 Verisign Report.

Here are the latest facts and figures for Q4 2008. It’s an interesting read, especially as the global economic crisis now seems to have affected growth in domain names. Not good news for the hosting industry 🙁

Happy reading!


Quarter 4 Domain Name Statistics

  • 2008 ended with a total base of 177 million domain name registrations across all TLD’s. This is 3 million more than then end of Q3 2008
  • This was a 2% growth on Q3 2008, and 16% growth on Q4 2007, so growth has slowed down
  • Actual domain name registrations during Q4 2008 was 10.1 million, which was 1.4 million less than in Q3
  • So this was a decline of a whopping 12% from Q3 2008, and this decline was seen in both gTLD’s and ccTLD’s
  • Over the entire year, new registrations per quarter in 2008 were on average 11.9 million compared to 12.2 million in 2007
  • .com still has the highest base followed by .cn (China), .de (Germany) and .net
  • In terms of ccTLD’s the base was 71.1 million domain names at the end of Q4, which was 2.2 million more than my last email
  • This is a 3% increase on the quarter and 22% on the year
  • The top ten ccTLD’s are .cn (China), .de (Germany), .uk (United Kingdom), .nl (Netherlands), .eu (European Union), .ar (Argentina), .it (Italy), .br (Brazil), .us (United States), .au (Australia)
  • The fastest growing ccTLD in the quarter was .ru (Russian Federation)
  • Source: Verisign

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    David Lye
    # 10th August, 2009

    177 million domains at the end of 2008 is pretty amazing. However will be interesting to see how the economic turmoil plays out by the time 09 stats are released.

    professional name badges
    # 9th May, 2010

    Pretty good. Just bookmarked it on digg

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