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No small business website owner can afford to ignore the power of social media platforms as a means of building a brand, reaching customers and garnering important information about trends in your field. These tools can help simplify and streamline the process of using Twitter.

Searching Twitter: Part I

Twitter is searchable using the field at the top of the screen; you can also use hashtags – words or short phrases preceded by a hash symbol, such as #SEO or #OnlineMarketing – to find tweets on subjects that are important to you. This search tools is somewhat limited and unhelpful, however, so developers have stepped into the breach with alternative third-party applications. Twazzup is one such search tool, allowing you to search for specific terms or to filter your Twitter news stream so you only see the most relevant updates.

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Searching Twitter: Part II

If you wish to use Twitter to drive customers towards a bricks-and-mortar operation, you may want to search for tweets originating in your geographical area. NearbyTweets enables you to find Twitter users in or around a particular location.

Managing your Accounts

It’s highly likely that you’ll need more than one Twitter account. It’s common to use one account for your main business and additional accounts for partners or staff members; or for different services or locations. HootSuite allows you to streamline the process of managing multiple accounts; not just Twitter but other platforms such as Facebook.

Alerts and Updates

It can be very useful to know if your brand is being discussed. TweetBeep allows you to set up customised email alerts: any time your brand is mentioned on Twitter, you’ll receive a notification email. As well as your brand name, you can set up alerts for other important keywords such as a product name or a relevant location.


Without a way of analyzing your Twitter activity, you have no way of ensuring that your strategy is as effective as it could be. Twitalyzer analyzes your performance on a range of metrics, including the number of people following you and the amount of times your Tweets get retweeted by others.

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