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September 21st, 2008 by

Just a short note to tell you a bit about the massive infrastructure upgrade we did last week at the UK2 core. We are starting to see the effect and our network is honestly second to none now.

The last few months we have added a lot of new providers, taken out the cheaper ones that did not perform – like Cogent – and made large investments into infrastructure.

It has been process with small improvements week by week and month by month, but the upgrade last week really made a noticeable difference.


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Richard McAvoy
# 11th October, 2008

The network upgrade is great news, but I can’t believe that you have just “migrated” my site over to a new cpanel server and not the database!!!!!!

Effectively, you’ve broken the site – I just get a server maintenance page and now my FTP login details have changed so I can’t look at anything.

This is really poor customer service – it’s a Joomla site so there are no files on my PC as a site designed in Dreamweaver was. I’m an “amateur” in every sense of the word – I just about managed to upload Joomla and alter it to suit. I don’t know how to back up the database – I can’t access it through FTP?

I sincerely hope that you can restore the site as it represented many hours of work from members of the bowls club entering match data. I’m astounded that you can do an upgrade, break the site, and then your support team expect me to fix it.

Not impressed UK2. I have a really important commercial Joomla site running on your servers and I’m panicing now that you’ll do the same to that one.

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