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Why Mornings Are About To Get Easier

October 15th, 2014 by

The release of Toshiba’s “Smart Home” has our imaginations running wild with the convenience of the future. For one, getting ready for work is going to be so much easier. Kelly Kirkham explains why…

Imagine. You roll out of bed in the morning to a pot of coffee already made and piping hot, because your coffee pot knows the time you set your alarm.

You jump in the shower and the heater adjusts to five degrees warmer for about 15 minutes, because your house knows that you are always cold when stepping out of the bath.

You stroll over to your full length mirror and it shows you your reflection dressed in a combination of clothes from your wardrobe. It makes its suggestions to you based on the recent trends as well as the projected weather forecast for that particular day. You can use your finger to swipe through each outfit. Your mirror knows the last time you wore that sweater so you don’t have to recall if you wore that last week or the week before.


Don’t have the shoes to match? That’s okay, you can buy some from your mirror to be sent directly to your home. With advances in drone technology, you can probably expect them in around a half hour.

Want to sleep in on Sunday? No problem. You set your alarm and your windows will block out the sunshine and noise until your predetermined waking time. When it’s time to get up, don’t even think about making your bed, as it will free float above to the ceiling for convenient storage.

With all the extra room in your bedroom, you can invest in a ‘workout in a box’ setup that conveniently stores in small spaces. Perfect for a nightly weight lifting session. Getting back into bed that night, your duvet notices that you’re still a bit overheated from your evening workout and automatically adjusts to keep you cool until your temperature resumes typical readings.

Sounds dreamy right? Toshiba thought so too when they unveiled their “Smart Home” in Tokyo, Japan. This latest innovation serves as a hands-on experience for customers to experience the latest and greatest in smart homes based on energy, comfort, and health care.

Toshiba Group states that, “Toshiba is committed to creating a safe, secure and comfortable society, the “Human Smart Community.In order to achieve this commitment, the company is accelerating the development of products and services that will improve energy efficiency and comfort and expand the home solutions business.”

Toshiba also teamed up with other future-facing products like Google Glass and Oculus Rift to exhibit the future of our home entertainment. Every gizmo and gadget was included in Toshiba’s presentation. The smart home even included the iRobot Roomba 880 to clean up for us as well as light boxes to offset Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) in the gloomy winter season.

The advancements in the IoT (Internet of Things) has enabled tech companies to create a network inside of your home to include your phone, tv, heating system, and even your refrigerator (that can text you whenever you run out of milk!). Who would have imagined that we could all actually live like The Jetsons?

Personally I can’t wait for the future. Sign me up for self delivering shoes, warm and cold on demand, and blackout windows.  Keep the ideas coming Toshiba!

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