My Life as a Marketing Assistant at UK2

March 3rd, 2009 by

Hi everyone,

My name’s Lola and I’ve been working in UK2’s marketing department for a month now. Wow, it’s already a month, it went really fast. In my time here, there have been so many developments. We’ve redesigned some of our web pages, added on some new services like web analytics (Stats 2.0) and a new email product (2mail Pro) and our VPS.NET Beta Trial is in the second phase now. VPS.NET is going to be a great product, keep you eye out for it. We’ve also become tweeters. Twitter looks fun even though I haven’t really used it that much. And of course we’re still on Facebook but there’s a twitter-revolution at the moment!

Everyone works really hard here at UK2 but also gets rewarded for their hard work. We gave the staff a chance to come up with a name for weeks where our hard work means we hit target, and we came up with Fantastic Fridays! We’ve done really well this year so far and have had a few treats such as pizza for lunch and drinks in the evening.

Another reason I like it here is because of the location. You wouldn’t think that a web hosting company would be located on Brick Lane, but there is such an array of different business around here that we fit right in!   I love walking to work and seeing the way that people express themselves in their fashion tastes here. Even though I live in London, this is a different part of London it seems.  It’s very interesting, the individuality. The people are quite different but similar at the same time. Now, I feel like I can tell if someone was from the Brick Lane/Shoreditch area based on their sense of style. It seems to be the norm here though.

I like my job because there is a good variety or roles to perform. My job typically consists of anything from purchase order management, to doing weekly reports, copy writing, liaising with suppliers, managing the marketing mailboxes and working with the rest of the team to come up with ideas and just as a general back up when required.

I am so excited about what UK2 is doing and proud to be working in a company that caters to a large amount of people and businesses. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for UK2.

I’ll come back and keep you updated again soon.



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