My Top Ten Hates

November 1st, 2007 by

I have sat here racking my brains trying to think of something interesting and witty to write about in my post, but thought sod it, I’m just going to take this opportunity to have a whinge about my top ten hates.

My top ten hates (in no particular order)

  1. Sunday walkers. This might just be a London thing but, why do people walk so slowly? I do have somewhere to be and I don’t want to spend my day admiring you from behind, get out of the way!
  2. Free newspaper people. I have nothing against free newspapers; anything free in my book is a good thing. What I am fed up of is having a paper shoved in my face every couple of steps I take down the road….and to make it worse this happens on my way to work and on my way home. If I wanted a paper I would take one. Get the hint! If I am moving to the other side of the pavement to get away from you….it’s not because I want to play relay with the newspaper.
  3. Changing room etiquette…or should I say lack of it! What is it with women in gym changing rooms that insist on walking around completely naked for the whole time they are there? I honestly think that the only reason these women join the gym is so that they can walk about the changing rooms naked!
  4. People that insist on squashing themselves into tube carriages. There will be another tube in I don’t know…one minute. Just stand and wait patiently on the platform like everyone else, don’t force your way onto the already packed train, and make me have to bend in a way that my spine just wasn’t designed for.
  5. People and their headphones on trains. If everyone around you is staring at you it’s not because you are so gorgeous people can’t take their eyes off you. It’s because your rubbish music is so loud that they have mistaken you for a speaker!
  6. Tourists. I know this is a difficult one to avoid in London, but why do tourists have to be…well such tourist? How can you get lost trying to find Piccadilly Circus when you are on Regents Street!
  7. Smoker’s whinging about how they can’t smoke anywhere. I know why don’t you quit and stop spreading your cancer infected smoke about!
  8. Flatmates. Thankfully I no longer have to deal with the devils that are flatmates, but the memories live on! Why do some flatmates feel the need to use every single pot, pan plate and anything else they can get their hands on to cook their food, and then leave them to rot on the side for weeks and wonder why its still dirty?
  9. Groups in restaurants using a calculator to split the bill. I like going out with my mates just as much as the next person, but just split the bill at the end of the night. So what if you to pay a fiver more than you should have. Don’t sit there with a calculator working out how much you owe down to the penny, its annoying! If you cant afford a little extra, then maybe you shouldn’t be going out!
  10. Overseas call centres. It takes about ten years to get through to anyone and when you do, the connections so bad that you have to repeat yourself 10 times before you are understood, only to discover that the person on the other end of the phone can’t help you. They then say they will transfer you and just end up cutting you off.

I realise having read this that I may sound like an angry person, but I’m really not….well maybe a little, but can you honestly tell me that there isn’t a single thing in this list that hasn’t annoyed you in the past?

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Esther Josiah
# 1st November, 2007

I must admit I really can’t stand free newspaper people, I mean the city is congested enough without having to deal with them.

Yesterday some guy nearly knocked me over because I wouldn’t take his free paper. Maybe we all have to put a sign on our forehead saying “I DON’T WANT ANY NEWSPAPER”, maybe that way they’ll get the message!

# 1st November, 2007

Kasia quick question – did you feature on this [url=]DVD?[/url] 🙂

Keira Vallejo
# 1st November, 2007

I see you didn’t have room to mention children in restaurants. No offence to people with children, but I totally agree with Samantha from Sex and the City on the whole “no children in restaurants” thing. They create a disturbance unless properly supervised by their parents. Don’t take this to mean that I dislike kids, I don’t – I have a niece who is an adorable angel, however SOME children ruin it for all the others. Also, please don’t bring prams on the tube during rush hour. I’m sure you can find childcare closer to your home that doesn’t require a tube journey. End rant.

# 1st November, 2007

Just found one of Kasia’s fave DVD’s

Esther Josiah
# 1st November, 2007

Haha Nice one Anton. 🙂

# 1st November, 2007


Speed cameras are my top hate as they are the most evil invention in the world, and they are everywhere these days.

I also hate people who use mobile phones in the ladies toilet – yuk.

There are more but I’d be here all night 😉

# 1st November, 2007

I’m sorry what was that in no. 3?! And where’s your gym again? 🙂

David Precious
# 1st November, 2007

Quality rant Kasia 🙂

And Nicola – yup, speed cameras are a pain alright.

# 2nd November, 2007

I’m with Andy 🙂

Surely part of the process of getting changed involves getting naked at some point? Granted they may be going OTT and just wandering around but just don’t look.

I only travel to London rarely with work but have to agree on the newspaper thing, maybe you should give out free tee shirts with the message “NO I DONT WANT A PAPER” on the front 🙂 I bet they’d be popular (despite the irony).

Sunday walkers must be a london thing, it’s sunday drivers that p!ss me off, specially on the country lanes round here.

# 2nd November, 2007

point 5. I dont mind so much if they use headphones, its the people who insist on subjecting us all to there awful tinny sounding music through the mobile phones. It drives me up the wall

# 2nd November, 2007

First I’d like to apologies to all men for shattering your illusions.

The Women’s changing room in a gym:

Fantasy: A naked size 8 goddess with DD boobs that stand up of their own accord.

Reality: A very naked, size 20, sweaty mess with FF boobs that mop the floor as she walks and is only really there under Dr’s orders.

Fantasy: A communal shower where women are not shy about asking for assistance from her fellow gym goer to rub them down with foaming shower gel.

Reality: Individual cubicles that invite you in with the smell of the last occupant’s feet, a drain clogged full of thick black hair and an abandoned soggy plaster.

Fantasy: A child free environment where lovely ladies can sit and discuss (whilst towel drying their naked bodies of course) their favourite fantasies.

Reality: A cluttered room full of baby pens containing screaming children called Chardonnay who really need their nappies changing but their mothers are too busy talking to their neighbour about their ‘lazy assed husband’, their a**hole of a boss and where best to buy bleach for their facial hair.

I have to say I agree with all of Kasia’s moans and would like to refer Ap0kalipSe to my first point. It’s very difficult to ignore a naked size 20 woman unless we get dressed with our eyes shut.

# 3rd November, 2007

re: Children in Restaurants…….
I love children, but I couldn’t eat a whole one.

# 5th November, 2007

Sounds like you just hate London mate – why don’t you move?
You don’t get most of those problems in the country arr ooh arrr

Why I love London! | UK2
# 23rd November, 2007

[…] reading some peoples responses to my last post “my top ten hates” I realise that many of my ‘hates’ as people pointed out are specific to London, […]

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