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#MyUK2: Ross MacGillivray

September 23rd, 2014 by

Mark Bonington speaks with #MyUK2 winner Ross MacGillivray about his website building business and why he hosts with UK2.

Tell us about your business?ross

It’s called Bexley PC consulting – basically it’s there to make websites as that’s what I enjoy. It’s currently part time on the side of my computing degree to make a bit of extra cash.

It started as a hobby, really. I was asked to help out with a friend’s gaming forum, then slowly got more into it, learning things like HTML and PHP. And now that’s what I like doing – I can spend many hours just playing around with it.

What is it you think makes a great website?

Attention to detail. Good quality content – it’s got to make sense. Just looking professional. There are a lot of website out there that just look shoddy; that look as though they were made by a 12 year old. That’s what I focus on.

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I’d recommend a white background for professional/company sites, even though personally I love dark backgrounds. Auto
playing videos are really bad, as they have a high loading time no one wants to wait for content!

What are some of your favourite websites?

I pretty much live on Twitter. I don’t like Facebook, it just feels full of spam. Google Webmaster tools I also spend a lot of time on. I don’t go to half the websites I actually visit as I use the RSS feeds.

Why did you choose UK2 as a web host?

I’d used various other places before. I normally use WordPress to build my websites, and other places I found were really slow. I came across you guys on Twitter, as someone I know recommended you. There was a good deal on at the time so I jumped in as I couldn’t miss out on the price.

I’ve been really impressed. The speed is really nice and can’t fault the service, so really happy. I’ve recommended at least 3 people to use UK2 so far.

Thanks Ross! Remember, if you host with UK2 you can enter #MyUK2 every Friday to win an Amazon voucher. Just tweet your website to @UK2 by 2pm GMT!


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