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As the new web address ending .holiday is launched onto the internet today, UK2 looks at the best places on earth to ditch the rat race.

It may be 30 years since Madonna wrote the song Holiday. But the lyrics still ring true. When you’ve spent your morning commute with your head wedged in a strangers armpit due to crowding on the tube, or you’ve worked your fifth consecutive night of overtime, a holiday? Well, it would be. It would be… so nice.

According to the ABTA Holiday Trends Report 2013, 83 percent of the British population took a holiday, either in the UK or abroad last year. However, it’s easier said than done when you’re juggling your own business. Sometimes you don’t even have the time to browse online for the getaway you’re gagging for.

So have done the hardwork for you. We’ve put together a list of the five best retreats for knackered business bods. The only blackberries you’ll find in these places are the kind that are served up at breakfast. That’s if you get up in time for breakfast at all.

Bluebell Yurts, Sussex, UK

Bluebell yurts

There’s no electricity at this lakeside yurt. At night you light candles so you can see. Heating is provided by a toasty wood-burning stove, which crackles and fizzes when your throw logs on it. The only concession to the 21st century is the outdoor Jacuzzi – the perfect place to sip fizz as the sun sets.

A two-night stay for two people here costs £150.

Suites of the Gods, Santorini

Suites of the Gods

If you want to feel like the only person left on earth, take a seat on the edge of Santorini’s caldera. The sea views from here only stop when they meet the setting sun. Suites of the Gods gives you front row seats to this view and these seats just so happen to be inside outdoor whirlpool baths.

Prices for a suite in the summer season start at 265 euros a night.

Secrets, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Secrets Vallarta Bay

This seaside hotel was made for Greta Garbo moments – you know, the ‘I vant to be alone’ kind. The rooms even come with secrecy boxes, which hotel staff can open from the outside in order to leave room service, and you can pick it up from the inside without ever coming into contact with anyone.

Salt Lick Lodge, Kenya

Salt Lick Lodge

The accommodation at this safari lodge looks like giant inhabitable rocket fireworks, sticking out of the ground. It’s right in the middle of Taita Hills Wildlife Sanctuary. The wild crowds you’ll experience here are different to the ones of the UK’s big cities. There’s a watering hole right next to the balcony of the bar, where elephants come to drink at night.

A double room at Salt Lick in September costs around £130.

Little Palm Island, Florida


The castaway feeling comes as standard at Little Palm Island in Florida. Located in a remote part of the Florida Keys, this hotel can only be accessed by boat or sea plane. As for noise; the volume rarely gets turned up above the sound of a coconut falling off a palm branch into the sea.

A night at Little Palm Island costs around £550. Best go out and buy a lottery ticket then!

Once you’ve booked and been on your getaway, grab yourself a .holiday web address ending and set up a website to brag about it. Visit the UK2 homepage from 4pm today to get your unique holiday-related website, and use website builder to make the ultimate holiday scrapbook.


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