New Beta Control Panel

January 29th, 2009 by

New Control Panel

Hi everyone,

A moment that many of us at UK2 have been waiting for has finally arrived, we’re ready to open up access to our new control panel to customers!

At the moment this is still a beta test and there will still be the option to log into the old control panel if something doesn’t work quite as well as it should. Our developers have been working hard getting this ready to use but there are always some unforseen bugs to fix and features to add so please let us know what you think, or if you find any problems.

There’s still some cosmetic improvements due to be completed so don’t worry if some of the sub pages look a little different between now and March, we’re so excited by this we just can’t wait until then to release it for you though! You should notice some vast improvements in the speed of navigation and management of multiple domains as well as the new Dashboard/Homepage.

We’re planning to make the permanent change to the new Control Panel on the 3rd of March so please try it out before then! When you first log in you’ll be asked to check your current contact details and update them if necessary and you can also pick a new, easy to remember username to log in with.

The History

For some of the older customers at UK2 they will remember when each domain had its own control panel, and you couldn’t manage multiple products and services together. This release marks the culmination of the change from this to an ‘account centric’ system. In this system we try and present you with an overview of the information you want and allow you to manage all your UK2 products and services together. As you can imagine in a set-up where each section (such as dedicated servers, web hosting or e-mail) was handled by a separate system it has been a tricky task to bring this all together and update a lot of old code.

If you are one of these customers then thanks go to you for your patience in sticking with us whilst we went through some painful changes on the various UK2 control panels.

And finally just a word of thanks from me to the developers who’ve worked so hard on this, and a promise that we’re still working to improve our control panel and have some amazing changes planned for the future.


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# 29th January, 2009

We’ve been testing the new control panel internally for a few weeks now. In a Web 2.0 variant of “it helps if you switch it on”, we forgot to remove the firewall rule that blocked access to the server for all non-UK2 staff. While there are almost certainly bugs that we haven’t found, you should at least be able to log in now :-).

# 30th January, 2009

Hi everyone,

Just another update.

It seems that a few customers were using the old “Customer Login” link to get to their email as well as for logging into the old control panel, so when we changed the link yesterday to do to a page explaining about the new control panel it seems that a few customers didn’t know how to get to their email.

As a result there are now two links at the top of our webpages – Email Login and Account Login.

You can log into email via and through your control panel as well. In the nice, new, shiny control panel you just need to click on “Email” in the dashboard. If you’re visiting the new control panel for the first time, we will ask you to confirm your contact details as a one off before you get to the dashboard.



# 4th February, 2009

If you’ve had problems with the new control panel in the last few days, please give it another try.

Since we set the new control panel live, roughly 5,000 of you have hammered on it, triggering a few subtle bugs and a number of annoying intermittent failures. We’ve just disabled some rather brittle optimisation on the web server, and while some pages might not load as insanely fast as they used to under optimum conditions, the site as a whole should now be more consistent.

As it turns out, it’s still pretty quick. Premature optimisation is indeed, once again, the root of all evil.

Jules Cadie
# 5th February, 2009

I’m afraid I’m one of your ‘old’ customers (in every sense), so forgive me if I’m a little confused. I wanted to find the ‘website management’ area, along with the web statistics on the new set-up and couldn’t find it. Help please?

Kev Stenning
# 7th February, 2009

When I go to the new page it asks if I would like a new user name, as soon as I type the third letter it tries to load a new page before completing the new user name, message given is loading google analytics ssl page. so cant do new username.

UK2 Support
# 9th February, 2009

Hi Kev,

Thanks for letting us know about your experience.

Google Analytics is a tracking tag on that page and loads immediately without waiting for users to type anything, so the problem may be elsewhere. It might be your browser. Are you using IE6 or higher, or Firefox? If so everything should be fine.

If this problem persists please get back in touch. You can raise a ticket to the Marketing Department at

Thanks UK2 Support

UK2 Support
# 9th February, 2009

Hi Jules,

When you log into the new control panel, you will be presented with the new dashboard (unless it is your first visit when as a one off we will ask you to confirm your contact details)

– At the dashboard click on the icon called ‘Web Hosting and E-commerce’

– All your domains on your account will then be listed

– Click on the domain you would like to manage

– You will then see the old ‘website management’ section, or if you are on a new hosting package you will be prompted to log into cPanel.

If you have any more problems please contact support, you can raise a ticket at

Thanks, UK2 Support

# 11th February, 2009

The white on black details in the header are FAR to small and insignificant to be readable. It is important to remember that not everyone has brilliant eyesight and white lettering on a black background is fundamentally a no-no unless the lettering is large and bold – which yours is not.

UK2 Marketing
# 12th February, 2009

Thanks for the feedback Greg

We are looking to see if we can make this clearer

UK2 Marketing

# 15th February, 2009

The new control panel asks me for a user name but I didn’t know I had one. I used to log in with one of my domain names and a password and it still works on the old control panel. But when I tried it on your new panel I got the message that I’d entered an invalid password.
So some more development work needed there perhaps.


Greg Duncan
# 4th March, 2009

New control panel is very nice BUT (and it is a rather big BUT) , like Graham said above – ‘username’????

I have looked up our various details and nothing appears to work.

The developers obviously know what they mean by username but we don’t. Please indicate what you mean for those of us who have never used a username when logging on to UK2.

# 17th March, 2009

Hi Greg, We added a link yesterday underneath the log-in boxes that explains what your username is so hopefully this will explain it, apologies for any confusion caused.

You should still be able to log into the new control panel with any of your details (domains, servers, e-mail addresses etc). If this isn’t the case please let me know the details and I’ll look into it. Just a domain or account will do (no need for passwords) and it won’t be published.


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