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May 31st, 2012 by


A new law has come into effect that governs the use of cookies by websites. As of last Saturday the 26th May, the Information Commissioner will be enforcing a directive published by the European Union last year that requires organisations to gain consent of visitors to their website before placing a cookie on their machine.

Cookies are small pieces of digital data that identify the machine to the website that placed them there. They are used to track behaviour on the website such as how many unique visitors a page has had or products that a visitor has viewed. This can then be used for analytics, targeted advertising or a range of other uses.

In line with the new law, UK2 has updated its cookie policy, which can be viewed here. By choosing to browse the UK2 website with your browser set to accept cookies, you consent to us using cookies to track your visits to the site.

If you wish to opt out of using cookies you will need to change the settings in your web browser. For the majority of browsers information on how to do this can be accessed from the Help menu. From there you can enable or disable the storage of cookies, delete ones that have been placed on your computer already and block specific websites from placing cookies on your machine.

We are currently working on adding options to let visitors to change their advertising settings. This means that even if you keep cookies enabled for, you will still be able to control what advertisements you see on the website.

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