New design for the UK2 Blog!

July 6th, 2011 by

The old blog was looking a bit stale, and with the release of WordPress 3.2, we decided it was time for a redesign! This is how we did it.

We wanted to design the blog with modern browsers in mind, using HTML5 and CSS3 from the wonderful HTML5 Boilerplate. It’s a great starting point for any new web design project and highly recommended.

Screens are much larger these days, so we made the blog a bit wider, giving the text more room to breathe. We bumped up the font size and the line-height, ensuring that the text sat on a nice baseline grid for maximum readability.

We decided early on that we would try and showcase a few CSS3 techniques, specifically the box-shadow property. It can be used as a subtle design hint, or enable you to create stunning visual effects – like our blog header, which is pure CSS3, no images at all!

However, CSS3 is not supported by all browsers equally. To get around this, we used CSS3 PIE to allow Internet Explorer to understand all the modern techniques we used.

Overall we are very happy with the new layout, and hope you like it too. Feedback is appreciated, and if you have any questions or comments, just leave us a reply.

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UK2 Team
# 6th July, 2011

One down and two to go! (website and controlpanel in development).

# 6th July, 2011

really like the new look and feel. nice, clean and modern. great work 🙂

H Man
# 9th July, 2011

So when are you going to upgrade the business hosting to that we can update to wordpress 3.2 also? Here’s the error from my blog CMS “You cannot update because WordPress 3.2 requires MySQL version 5.0 or higher. You are running version 4.1.22”

Cheers dudes
H Man

UK2 Team
# 11th July, 2011

Hi H Man,

This could be that you’re on one of the older servers running redhat, which don’t get updated as often as the CentOS cPanels. If you contact the support team they’ll upgrade on that server if they can, or if not move your site to a newer one, there’s no downtime involved. In general we’re running 5.0.92.


H Man
# 13th July, 2011

Thanks, i’ll do that now!

H Man

# 30th July, 2011

Nice design 😉

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