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May 2nd, 2008 by

Hi again,

We’ve just completed a project that many of us have wanted to do for a long time, that is to completely re-write our order process and replace the way it works with a much more intuitive and web 2.0 (to coin a buzzword!) feel.

This process has quite a lot of javascript and utilizes AJAX techniques. We’ve tested this on all the major browser platforms but either Firefox or IE7 is recommended for best results. Personally I would never use any other browser than Firefox but lets not get into that massive debate here 😉

This new process has a really nice new domain checker that is also AJAX based, you can have a look at it by searching for a domain from one of the links either on the home page or on the domains page. Once you have gone to our secure page if you just start typing in the box it will automatically look domains up for you, if make a mistake, no problem. Just delete the wrong part and it’ll automatically re-search for you!

Feedback is welcome

We hope you like the results of our efforts, it’s certainly not completely finished as we have many minor tweaks left but as this is much better than our current process we’re taking the plunge at this point and setting it live. If anyone notices any bugs or strange errors please don’t hesitate to contact us, the support teams are all aware of potential problems and have been primed, but if you reply on this blog post we will also get to see your feedback.

Many Thanks


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