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February 26th, 2009 by

Hi all,

We’ve sent out another press release today, about how the VPS.NET Beta Trial is progressing. It’s going extremely well and we’ve added even more Beta Testers. Have a read below !



LONDON, 26th February 2009

VPS.NET – Second Phase of Beta Trial

Following the successful launch of the VPS.NET Beta Trial earlier this month, UK2 Group are pleased to announce that “Beta2” which is the second phase of the Beta Trial has now been initiated. This second phase means 50 additional Beta Testers have been given access to the superb VPS.NET Cloud, taking the total number of Beta Testers to over 150.

So far the VPS.NET Beta Trial has been hugely successful, with testers providing overwhelming levels of positive feedback. With such constructive feedback and ongoing bug tracking, several performance enhancing patches have been deployed, and an array of new tools and features requested by the Beta Testers is being worked on. One of the most valued and commented upon features at the moment is the “Nodes Slider” tool. Testers are extremely impressed by the ease and speed users can deploy new VPS’s by utilizing this tool.

Even more “Beta2” Testers will be invited to join the VPS.NET Cloud over the coming weeks, as final developments and preparations are made for launch across the UK2 Group. This is currently on schedule for late March 2009.

“We are delighted with the success of the VPS.NET Beta Trial” comments Ditlev Bredahl, CEO of UK2 Group “The project continues to be extremely challenging, yet equally rewarding, as we work with our Beta Testers to create this superior VPS Project. We would like to thank all of our Beta Testers for the assistance, observations and experiences they have given so far.”

VPS.NET has been designed to simplify the process of virtual private server cloud hosting, whilst at the same time making it available and affordable for everyone. It will be a valuable addition to many of the brands within the UK2 Group as the ideal solution between shared and dedicated hosting.

About VPS.NET and UK2 Group

VPS.NET is a recent addition to the UK2 Group, and will offer affordable virtual private server cloud hosting. It is a redundant cloud system, which utilizes a RAID 10 SAN backend and node based VPS architecture. It also has immediate scalability with pre set up stacks, a simple billing process and a user friendly management portal. For more information about VPS.NET please visit

UK2 Group provides domain name registration and web hosting services to many global customers through its family of hosting brands –, midPhase, WestHost,, AN Hosting, Autica,,, WingSix, Supreme Support, Dotable, and the most recent addition VPS.NET. The group operates its services out of several state of the art, multi million pound data centres in the UK and US, and are committed to providing reliable, secure and great value products and services underpinned with excellent support.

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