No Rest For The Wicked: A Guide To Working Over Easter Weekend

April 3rd, 2015 by

There’s plenty to be getting stuck into over this long Easter weekend, but don’t forget to keep on top of work!

We hate to be the bearers of bad news, but to young entrepreneurs and startups the workload rarely stops to make way for public holidays. You’ll probably find that whilst the rest of the UK are out hunting Easter eggs and overindulging on chocolate (the average child is expected to get through 8000 calories worth of chocolate this weekend!) you’ll be left staring into your laptop, penning emails and keeping things ticking over.

Starting up is a full time job, that’s for sure. The time, capital and effort that goes into making your dreams become a reality goes above and beyond that of an everyday nine-to-five job; there’s always market research to be done, plans to be made and networking to do.

While yes, it’s definitely good practice to remain focused on public holidays, there are ways to escape the office and incorporate some of the fun of the long weekend into your working schedule! There’s undoubtedly loads going on in your local area that you and your company can get involved in…

  1. Represent your company at a charity event!

As a big part of a small business, you’re able to put a face to your company’s name by showing support for any local charity events. Is there a local Easter egg hunt that you could attend with your friends, family or colleagues? Showing your support for local charities goes a long way to developing your Corporate Social Responsibility; a little good PR never hurt any business and any charitable donations you make could go a long way to bettering the lives of others.

  1. Remember to prioritise!

As Steven Covey once said: “The key is not to prioritize what’s on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities.”. If you’re set on spending the day in the physical or virtual office, make sure you’re prioritising what’s really important to get out of the way, just so you feel like you’re working on the important stuff and not wasting your Easter break just ploughing through any old tasks. Need some help prioritising? Check out this article from

  1. Enlist the help of others to reduce the workload

Seeing as what seems like the rest of the world will be taking a break from their busy lives to hunt eggs and eat chocolate, why not ask them to give you a hand? You may feel as first like there’s too many cooks in the kitchen, but if you get a good strategy for sharing the workload in place you’ll find that a day’s work flies by in a matter of hours and you’re able to get involved in local goings on that little bit sooner.

  1. Reward yourself

If you’re going to be spending the Easter break indoors make sure you set achievable goals and reward yourself. This could mean that you spend the morning working on an email marketing campaign or analysing some data from your social listening efforts, which you reward with an afternoon out with your family or friends. Which brings us onto our final point…

  1. Remember that all work and no play made Jack a dull boy

Although you may have a lot on your plate over this Easter weekend, it’s important to remember that work isn’t everything. As long as you get some of the higher priority tasks out of the way, you can turn off your laptop, phone, tablet and/or desktop and really enjoy the events of the weekend. Taking some downtime will allow you to face next week with a refreshed mind – just be sure to check your emails periodically so you don’t miss out on anything major!

If you’re out and about in London over the Easter weekend, why not follow the Shaun In The City trail? With 50 Shaun The Sheep statues to be discovered it’s a great way to see the capital and see some great works of art!


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