Your NYBR: New Year’s Business Resolution

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Why wait until the New Year to shake things up? December is a great time to start planning something new for your business…

January is looming just around the corner, and as ever, it’s looking bleak. Studies show January to be the most depressing time of year; the overindulgence in the build-up to Christmas leaves us feeling lethargic, full of guilt, and usually about half a stone heavier. While January might be a time for personal crisis, it can be a real window of opportunity for your business to shake things up in preparation for a big year ahead; a time to get the ball rolling with a positive start.

Now, I may sound like I have the emotional flair of a gnat when I say that the downcast vibes of January are a good business opportunity. The truth is I too love Christmas, and will be among the hoards of New Year grumps looking for something to lighten up the first few months of the year when the bitter cold can’t even be brightened by the warmth of the holiday spirit. I see January as a good business opportunity for those offering a service. An opportunity for businesses to give a helping hand to those who are down in the dumps while also making a bit of extra revenue during a slump in the financial calendar.

Below are a few ideas to spruce up your business in time for next year, to get a boost in business and lift employee morale:

Bring the festive spirit through to 2015!

The season of giving doesn’t have to end with December. The January sales are a great time for all businesses to make some money, and you don’t have to be in retail. Throwing a January sale on your product will help take some of the post-Christmas pinch off the wallets of your customers, encouraging them to buy even at a time when they might not be otherwise in the market to spend.

Revamp your marketing strategy

There’s never a better time for ‘a new you’ as a brand than in the New Year. January is a time for contemplation and reinvention; take a leaf out of the books of those motivated individuals and hit the New Year running (without giving up a month down the line like even the most motivated among us are prone to do). Get some heads together and review your marketing strategy; work out which areas of the business are proving prosperous and which need a little work, then spend a few weeks promoting those areas in need of TLC. Ask yourself: what’s working? And then, do more of that. There’s no need to completely change your strategy, but a few tweaks could bring in some extra pennies.

Invest in your employees

Take care to appreciate your employees; they’ve more than likely put in a lot of graft during the lead-up to Christmas, and will be feeling a little battle worn. Show your appreciation for all of their hard work – maybe throw a post-Christmas party (if you’re not already delaying the Christmas do itself until January) to lift the spirits in camp – their happiness at work is vital to the success of your biz. Investing in your workforce will pay off in the bank balance.

Take a risk!

Make a vow to do something different with your business. Like all New Year’s resolutions it might not carry momentum, but as a business you have more manpower behind you to drive forward with changes than the average ‘I will get fit this year’ resolution-er. Take a look at what kind of ideas some new start-ups are having and how you could follow their lead. It’s a tough task staying current, and doing something outside the box could be just what it takes to get out there to the latest market.

Most importantly, prepare for the New Year with a fresh outcome; wipe the slate clean and prepare for all that 2015 has to offer you. Here’s to a happy and prosperous New Year!

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