The Oldest Domain Names on the World Wide Web

November 13th, 2013 by

Oldest Domain Names

If you were asked what you thought the oldest registered domain names were what would you guess? What timeframe would you be expecting? Well, Domain Holdings have posted a list of the 100 oldest domains and the results may be a little surprising.

First off, the very first domain name was registered on March 15th 1985 by Symbolics, a computer company that went defunct in 2009. The domain is now run as advertising space for businesses that want to feature on the website that holds the very first domain name.

The two domains in the top 10 most likely to be familiar to the average customer are and, both registered in 1986. Many other well-known brand names feature in the top 100 representing a range of industries, from Apple to Adobe, Siemens to Phillips and Boeing to Lockheed. As domain names could be registered completely free up until 1995, these companies were able to claim their valued brand for absolutely nothing. Just think how much their domain names are worth today!

It is perhaps to be expected that much of this top 100 consists of companies that sold to other businesses. With so few consumers connected to the Internet in the 1980s, there would have been little incentive for companies to use it as an advertising space. The tech and business services industries however, were able to reach out to each other and make vital connections that spurred their success on into the information age.

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