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The race for the new TLDs has begun.

This morning, UK2.net fired a starting pistol on the race to buy the newest range of web addresses (aka TLDs) on the internet. Seven new alternatives to .com, .net. and .co.uk have been put on sale. And it’s first come first served as to who gets what.

Some companies and individuals have had their feet in the starting blocks for months. It was last summer that ICANN, the body that coordinates web addresses, announced that it was creating a new breed of TLDs. It’s original list was made up of hundreds of new .somethings, but it’s staggered the release. Today, through UK2.net, you have access to .bike, .clothing, .holdings, .plumbing, .singles, .ventures, and the quirky .guru.

Apart from the boastability that comes with being the first to nab a new TLD, the following benefits come from this new era of web addresses…

Findability: The New TLDs are supposed to act as GPSs for your potential customers. When they search for a plumber, they don’t have to trawl through hundreds of irrelevant .com sites to find you.

Community: These new TLDs are a little like membership cards. Get a .clothing, and you’re instantly recognisable as a member or follower of the fashion industry.

Uniqueness: Before this release, it could be hard to find a web address that fitted your business. So many .coms were already taken. With these new TLDs, you can customise your web address like you haven’t been able to do for years.

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