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Optimizing your web presence and security for Smartphones

April 23rd, 2012 by

By 2013, most of the planet will be using their Smartphone, not laptop, to access your web page or e-commerce storefront.   This raises issue with regards functionality, security and user Interface design.  Recent studies show that a mobile-friendly website can increase overall traffic by nearly 13%.

Here are four avenues you can leverage to quickly smartify your web presence and security during sporting events and busy online shopping periods, including Christmas and Easter.

E-commerce sites optimized for mobile

A new generation of drag-and-drop web interfaces allows a website owner to deploy attractive theme-based sites which including shopping cart and checkout functionality.

Not only are these sites optimized for search engines but they also display extremely well on all Smartphones including Android and Apple.  Plus, you need NO coding experience.

Specialist mobile websites with GoMobi

While the e-commerce products above are great to get you started broadly in shopping cart configurations and mobile-ready sites, GoMobi, takes you to an entirely new level with regards creating knock-out mobile sites that are designed to be functional and high-impact.

Within 5 minutes a friendly online wizard will help you customize your site that loads 6x faster than non-mobile optimized sites.

VPN services to secure privacy

While eyeballs migrate to a Smartphones, so too do hackers and spammers.    New VPN services allow web-hosting customers to protect consumers who visit e-commerce sites to complete an online transaction.    An inbuilt firewall blocks malicious software before it reaches your laptop.  Anytime you browse the Internet, your IP address remains hidden and all communications you undertake remain confidential.

Speed up website with a CDN

Boost your website page loading speeds by as much as 70% with an instant, global content delivery network  (CDN) that brings content closer to your customers, worldwide.

A CDN is by nature, optimized for ANY device, including mobile.  This means you can focus less on infrastructural issues with regards streaming content and focus more on generating revenue.   CDN’s work exclusively to speed up your website which is becoming a key metric in search engine rankings.



By engaging all four products above you ensure your website and security is Smartphone-ready. This gives you the greatest chance of generating more traffic, lead conversions and ultimately e-commerce sales.


Guest Blogger: Jason Stevens from / Freelance web developer, tech writer and follower of cloud computing trends. Follow him on Twitter @_jason_stevens_

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