Quick Guide To HubPages: Broadcast Your Expertise For Fame, Fortune, and Traffic

June 18th, 2008 by

HubPages is a setup where anyone can start a “hub” and publish a web page on any subject. Why would you want to do this? It is a great way to attract visitors, build a name for yourself, or just contribute on a popular subject. Other user’s in this community as well as web searches can find your topic and many businesses have used it to write about subjects they are experts on. For a small business you can use this service and your expertise to increase your branding and possibly even your sales.

On the Hubs you can add pictures, video, and links and the interface is easy to use. They have a nice PDF guide you can download here. I’ve setup some examples for you too! You can see the UK2.Net HubPage profile here and an example Hub of a Daffy Duck cartoon here. From these you will get a sense of what is possible. If you want to try just visit HubPages and setup an account now!

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