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Really Really Different Mother’s Day Gifts

March 19th, 2014 by

Think outside the chocolate box this Mother’s Day and give her…

A warm fuzzy feeling?

As nice as perfume and cookbooks are, they’re not life changing. Gifts from Women of Action are, though. This Mother’s Day, you can spend the money your mum told you not to, on buying something like a family health lesson, or a vocational skills training session, for a mum in Bangladesh.

A foot in the door?

If your mum’s always talking about how she’ll sell her cupcakes seriously soon, or how she’ll make her living from her art one day, give her a nudge in the direction of setting up her own business by buying her a domain name. This year, a whole stockpile of new web address endings were released on sale, as alternatives to .com and The hottest ones off the press are .recipes, .menu, and .guru. To get your mum hers visit the UK2 website.

A timeline?

Start researching your family tree with your mum and she’ll have the gift of time with you, as well as a better understanding of her history. There are several sites to get started on, but one of the most popular is

A memory?

Treat your mum to an experience she’ll remember forever. Book a table at Dans Le Noir restaurant, in London, where you dine in the pitch black. The idea here is that your mum will get to experience her food through her other senses. A night out here has a once-in-a-lifetime quality.

A hobby?

If your mum’s retired, and she’s got a little bit of extra time on her hands, you could get her blogging. You can set her up with a domain name and a website for less than the cost of a bunch of blooms on the UK2 website.


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