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September 10th, 2007 by

Hi all,

Despite a few shaky moments for some teams, it was a great first weekend for the Rugby World Cup 2007 with England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland all winning. So we’re giving away 50 * £10 discount vouchers for each win!

Don’t forget it’s first come first served:

  • England 28-10 USA
  • Claim vouchers for England’s win here
  • Wales 42-17 Canada
  • Claim vouchers for Wales win here
  • Scotland 56-10 Portugal
  • Claim vouchers for Scotland’s win here
  • Ireland 32-17 Namibia
  • Claim vouchers for Ireland’s win here
  • Good luck and watch out for the next games.


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    David Precious
    # 10th September, 2007

    Wow, that’s £2,000 worth of vouchers… best hope the teams don’t all keep doing so well 😀

    # 14th September, 2007

    Thanks for the voucher!

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