The Search for Britain’s Best New Business Begins

August 14th, 2014 by

Has your Start Up Loans-backed business got what it takes to be crowned the Start Up of the Year?

Forget performing dogs and dancing OAPs , it’s business where Britain’s got real talent. That’s why UK2 have joined forces with Start-Up Loans to find the best new business of the past year.

Since they launched in 2012, the government-backed Start Up Loans venture has granted more than 100 million pounds’ worth of loans to up-and-coming businesses. As the organisation reached the milestone of providing funding to its 20,000th start-up, it decided to celebrate with an awards ceremony.

As partners of Start Up Loans, UK2 will be celebrating, too. On November 4th, we’ll be sponsoring this big awards ceremony, in which recipients of start up loans will be recognised for their achievements in the past year. The event will take place at the prestigious Mayor’s Office in London.

At this event, the winner of the title of Start-Up Of The Year will be announced, and will get to take home the top prize of £5,000 and an iPad. Ten regional winners and 22 runners up will also be recognised.

Entering the competition is easy. You simply need to get in touch to tell us about your business journey. For example…

Have you overcome significant problems?

Have you experienced serious growth?

Have you used your mentor in a remarkable way?

Have you done something surprising to your business?

Have you had an innovative business idea?

To submit your own story visit the competition website. Entries must be in by midnight on September 1st and you must be a start-up loans recipient to qualify for the prize. Good Luck.

For more information on UK2’s partnership with Start Up Loans, read this blog.  

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