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A new book is out on the story of – the story on how conman Stephen Cohen back in 1995 stole the worlds most valuable domain simply by sending a fax to Network Solutions and gaining access to a small part of their databases.

For the new owner of, this meant a cool 100 million USD a year. With five million page views every day, was the most valuable piece of virtual real-estate on the planet and the dubious jewel in the crown of the newborn internet. But the fact that it didn’t physically exist didn’t mean that it couldn’t be stolen.

With an ingenious scam – the full details of which have never been revealed until now – lifelong con man Stephen Cohen was able to snatch and walk into a life of untold wealth and luxury. But Cohen had under-estimated the determination of Gary Kremen, the man he had stolen it from, to get his property back. It would take more than a decade and millions of dollars, but Kremen would see Cohen finally pay for his crimes.

The book behind Sex.Com details the extraordinary battle between the two extraordinary men: a Stanford scholar with uncanny foresight; and an uneducated con man with a genius IQ and an unatural gift for persuasion. The fight pushed each man to the edge, rewrote the law, and shaped the history and development of the internet as we know it.

The story has the potential of a hit Hollywood movie, a true “real life better than fiction” situation.

Read about the new book here:


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Matthew Lanham
# 3rd June, 2007

Sounds like an interesting read….

# 19th July, 2007

This is so funny – can you imagine that this blog post actually sends us around 200 visitors pr day…Apparently google has picked up that this is an article about – so if someone searches for that in google we are listed quite high..


Number 20 something…



# 19th December, 2007

Oh, and did not know about it. Thanks for the information …

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