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February 17th, 2015 by

There’s going to be a few familiar faces popping up around London and Bristol over the coming months, and we’re getting involved…

This spring, in association with Aardman, a whole load of Shaun the sheeps are flocking to London and Bristol. Shaun in the City will see Shaun take over the capital, and we’re sponsoring our very own Shaun in aid of UK children’s hospitals.

Shaun the Sheep is one of Britain’s most beloved cartoon friends. In fact, he was recently voted the nation’s all-time favourite BBC children’s character, blowing Postman Pat and other such household names out of the water. Shaun was first glimpsed on our screens in the 1995 Wallace and Gromit film A Close Shave, turning up to make a mess of Wallace’s house. You can see him leading the escaped sheep away from the clutches of evil Preston in this clip below:

After finding fame through Wallace and Gromit, Shaun went on to star in his own TV show, and is now hitting the big screen, the big city and the big time, in, well, a big way. On 6th February, Shaun The Sheep The Movie was released in cinemas across the UK, and it’s already got some rave reviews!

Along with his blockbuster debut, Shaun will be taking over our very own Big City of London – and Bristol – throughout 2015! In an installation similar to the award-winning Gromit Unleashed campaign of 2013, 120 five foot tall Shauns are currently being designed and decorated by celebrities and local artists alike. Two flocks of 60 Shauns will be installed around London and Bristol over the coming year bringing some exciting art to our capital’s landmark locations whilst raising money for children’s hospitals.

Launching this March, the Shaun in the City campaign coincides with the Chinese year of the sheep. Bringing good fortune (and hopefully more than a few smiles) to the children of the UK is the aim of the project; all 120 Shauns will be sold at auction to raise money for children’s hospitals around the country.

SITC image 2

Here at UK2, we take our corporate social responsibility seriously. Being based in the heart of startup territory in Shoreditch, we aim to do what we can to invest in our local area and improve the lives of others. This sponsorship of our very own Shaun in the City will help children across the country get the care they need, while also bringing fun for all the family to our hometown of London and beyond.

We can’t wait to see what Shaun will get up to in our big city!

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