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March 25th, 2007 by

– These guys are at only £9.95/mo

Hi, a few months back we launched our ecommerce package at All new clients have the option to try it for 14 days when buying a domain, and currently we have more than 1000 active shops running. We have already won several awards, and we get really good feedback from our users.

I wanted to show a few of the good shops I’ve found. These guys have been amazing at using the design interface for customizing the shop so its quite hard to see its a basic £9.95/mo UK2 shop. This is what the shop looks like with a standard setup. Now take a look and see what these guys have managed to do with it:

Take a look at
This is a real cool shop – it seems that they are not totally open for business yet, but the design and usability is really promising. They have managed to build up their own structure and menu setup.

A more basic shop using the standard components of the UK2 shop is: Its very pleasing to the eye, and their product page is well structured.

These guys has also done a good job using our standard components of our shop.

Another really good workover is the online classic furniture shop at, again, they seem to lack a bit in the finish work, but like the sportingtouch shop, has build their own design and website, not using the standard setup from UK2 at all. has done a good job as well, while its mostly based on our standard template, this is quite an active shop, and their product pages are rather extensive.

Finally on of my favorites: They are partly using our standard components, and partly their own structure – but the look and feel is really good.

With more than 1000 active shops I naturally haven’t gone through all of them, so if you feel yours is left out, feel free to post it as a comment below 🙂



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The List Is Mighty

The end of ‘unlimited’ – subject to FUP?!


Matthew Lanham
# 26th March, 2007

I’m sure that with a bit of practice and a good breakdown on how the design can be integrated there are better designs to come….

Ian Moseley
# 17th June, 2007

1000 e-commece sites yes, but where do we go to find them all? Do you have a catalogue page i.e. one shop not 1000 separate shops?

# 18th June, 2007

Hi Ian,
We do not have that currently – but that might actually be a good idea. I will have it put on the 2do list – it should be pretty simple.

Thanks for the input.


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