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December 2nd, 2014 by

Bubble wrap your website with SiteLock!

In addition to protecting your website, SiteLock can also help protect your business. In a world where there have never been more threats to business websites, SiteLock helps guard against the malware, Cross Site scripting, SQL Injection and other techniques employed by hackers to redirect your site traffic, steal your customer data and ultimately ruin the reputation of your site.

SiteLock’s daily scan of your site’s security helps to protect it by identifying vulnerabilities and safeguarding against threats. The Trust Seal from SiteLock gives customers the confidence to use your site, a fact proven with data indicating that up to 70% of visitors look for a verified third party certificate before providing private data.

SiteLock monitors your website 24/7 for vulnerabilities and attacks, meaning you can worry less about your website and more about your business.

Boosts Customer Trust

The SiteLock seal reassures customers by providing a clear sign of security, with – as previously stated – up to 70% of customers seeking this level of verifiable reassurance before uploading personal data.

Starts Working Instantly

Cloudbased SiteLock ‘just works.’ The system requires no technical user knowledge to set up or install, and once commissioned it will instantly work to scan your website and email.

How it works:

01. Scans Daily

Every part of your web presence is scanned by SiteLock daily as it identifies any security issues. Website, applications, email and even search engine blacklists and international spam filters are checked.

02. Identifies Threats

Staying one step ahead of hackers, Sitelock’s 360 degree scan and comprehensive firewall work to identify vulnerabilities, highlighting them before they can be used to interfere with your web presence and reputation.

03. Removes Threats

It’s business as usual with SiteLock! The automatic repair part of the program tirelessly and automatically identifies threats and closes them down for you, leaving you to concentrate uninterrupted on the important daily tasks of your business.

Find out more and get SiteLock today by clicking here.

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