Special Valentine Offers

February 7th, 2008 by

It’s nearing that time of the year when 150 million roses are sold in the UK in one day, over £20M is spent on flowers and millions of chocolates are devoured by loved up couples. Yes that’s right it’s St Valentine’s Day!

We are not the most romantic bunch at UK2, which you will see later on in this post, but we are feeling the love in the air! We have decided to share this love with you by offering you exciting offers, competitions and much more!

Share your most ‘romantic moment’ with UK2 for a chance to win a year’s subscription to MoreUK2!

The UK2 team are not as romantic as we first thought, judging by that when people were asked what their most romantic moment was, dinner in a “nice” restaurant came out on top. We thought you might be able to give us some tips by sharing your most romantic moment with us.

Tell us what your most romantic moment was, how it happened, and when it happened, and you will be entered into our competition to win a year’s subscription to MoreUK2.

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To enter into the competition, simply reply to this blog post. Please ensure you enter your full name and email address before posting your reply. We will contact you via the email address you provide.

All entries will be read by the UK2 marketing team who will select the ‘best moment’.

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Antoinette Cazalet
# 11th February, 2008

My most romantic moment and I do hope this is where I am to put it , was my birthday, a few years back, when my partner filled the living room full of red roses, from the garden.

Firstly, he brought me my breakfast in bed, a red rose on the tray.

When I went down the stairs, there were red roses everywhere.

That evening he took me to an Italian Resturant (my favourite) and there were my friends and family.

Unfortunate, at a later date, he died of cancer, but hey! What a memory!

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone : ) Hugs and Love xxx

# 11th February, 2008

Well IT has to go back to year 2 when i had a fight with this girl and now i finder her on facebook.
You would be wondering what was the fight about well, it was on a coat peg!

My first true crush. LoL 🙂

vicki couchman
# 11th February, 2008

Sitting on a hill in the sun at a party in the South Of France August 2001 a guy sitting next to me asked where i had got my tattoo (which is on my shoulder), I replied I had got it Indonesia (where infact I had got stuck on a remote island and had lived with a medicine man and his family for 7 weeks, in which time i had studied their body art and chosen a symbol which represented their sun) but i didn’t feel like going into the finer details. Without a prompt he replied “you had that done on Siberute”. I was a little shocked to say the least as i had never met anyone who had heard of the Island, I replied, “how do you know that?”. He then opened his shirt to reveal exactly the same tattoo.
Without a flinch I was on my feet running as fast as i could away from this man because it seemed such a spooky a coincidence, in my head I was repeating, “he’s the one he’s the one!!”.
For the next few days i avoided speaking to him but on return to England we met up and now we have been married 5 years and have 3 year old baby girl called Kiki which is a name we made up from part of each of our names, the Ki from Kit and the Ki from Vicki as she is part of both of us.

Keith Nicol
# 11th February, 2008

A romantic dinner is always nice but my wife and I took this one step further on our fifth wedding anniversary. Having packed our son off for the evening with my sister-in-law we started our evening watching the early evening show at the Hamilton Palace Hotel in Bermuda.
This was followed by jumping on our rented moped and heading off to one of the many hidden beaches that Bermuda is famous for.
Once there, we unloaded our small picnic baskets, set out and lighted our tea-candles, spread them around our rug, and tucked into our chicken and prawn sandwiches and chocolate cake, drowning it down with a glass or two of chilled champaign.
Relaxed and refreshed we then had a quick skinny dip while an almost full moon bounced of the Atlantic Ocean.
A short while later we dressed and set back off for the hotel, with my wife holding me tightly around my waist as we slowly made our way home along the windy back roads.
There have been many romantic nights since, but this was a very special one for both of us.

# 13th February, 2008

The best for me is my wife sue, who i meet on the net some 7 years ago, BEEN ONE VALENTINE ever since

Valentine’s £10 Discount Voucher | UK2
# 14th February, 2008

[…] Special Valentine Offers […]

Esther Josiah
# 21st February, 2008

I’ll like to say thank you to everyone that entered the UK2 Valentine’s competition. I guess some of us will be using your tips in the future. 🙂

After careful consideration, I am pleased to announce that the winner of the competition is Antoinette Cazalet.

Antoinette has won a year’s subscription to MoreUK2!

MoreUK2 is our exclusive membership programme for UK2 customers, and as a member you get special offers and features worth £££’s. Read more here

Once again thanks for your participation.

Esther Josiah
Marketing Assistant

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