Spot the UK2 Van and Win!

June 8th, 2007 by

Have a look at our new UK2 Van – doesn’t it look great? This is how our guys whizz around from data centre to data centre to make sure everything is OK and all servers are up and running.

the cool UK2 van

We’re really proud of it, and if you spot it around London we’d like you to let us know.

Better still, if you can take a picture of it why not send it to us and you could win a prize!

Just email the picture to at the end of August we’ll put the best pictures into a prize draw. The prize will be a choice of either:

A Sony PS3
A 20” LCD TV
A UK2 Value Server for 1 year

Happy UK2 Van Spotting!

Bye for now,


UK2 Van Competition Terms and Conditions

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# 13th June, 2007

Unfair competition!

How are we supposed to get a piccy of the van if we live in Glasgow??!! Cmon guys, use your imagination, not everyone lives in the Smoke, some of us even moved up here to escape from this kind of daft London-centric thinking. If you are going to have a competition, it should be fair to all customers, even if it is a bit of a joke.

# 13th June, 2007

My sentiments exactly Rob! Perhaps a bit of Photoshop work is required here 😉

# 19th June, 2007

Quite agree with Rob and Ian….Not seen your van in Dorset yet!!!
I will be very disappointed if Ken Livingstone wins – he has an unfair number of cameras!!!

# 23rd June, 2007

Very true, this is a very unfair competition, you are favouring the people living in london.
Unless the van is going to travel up and down the country then its a pointless competition that only someone in london can win.

I not seen it in devon yet!

# 23rd June, 2007

Perhaps a drawing of the van instead? 🙂
I have to concur that it is a very strange “non-national” competition to be running. Nice van though.

# 7th July, 2007

I don’t know what all the fuss is about. I live in Yorkshire and I for one, will be travelling down to London tommorrow, ( with my camera) especially to do a bit of van spotting. I am prepared to stay all week if I have to in the Hilton Hotel.
I am in desperate need of a 20″ lcd and by winning this, it will save me having to go to a local shop in sheffield to buy one.

# 19th July, 2007

I agree with You too Tony, i live in Australia and will be catching a plane and possibly may stay in london a month so that i can take a pic of this marvelous van and win a lcd tv ..
And to help you others feel better i have a competition.Come over to Australia and take a photo of my cat and i’ll give prize of a pen for my chosen winner!

# 19th July, 2007

come on guys – we are just having a bit of fun 🙂

David Precious
# 27th July, 2007

Has anyone spotted the van yet?

I’ve seen it lots and lots of times, but then I walk past it in the car park on the way to the office every morning… can I take a photo of it? 😀

Some of the Photoshopped entries have been quite good…

Perhaps the competition should have been for the most creatively Photoshopped picture 🙂

# 1st November, 2007

lol booked my plane tickets, be there with catnip asap 😉

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