Spot the UK2 Van – Winners!

October 10th, 2007 by

Hi all,

Remember the “Spot the UK2 Van” competition we did a couple of months ago? Well it is time to announce the winners!

We had quite a few laughs around the office, as several of you decided to exercise your creativity as you weren’t going to be near the office or our data centres. As a result we have a Winner, Runner Up and Commendations for creativity!!

Our Winner is A. Smith who has won a choice of Sony PS3, 20″ LCD TV or UK2 Bronze Server for 1 year with the following entry:


Our Runner Up is R. Bentley who has won a 2 year Web Hosting package with the following entry:

Runner Up

Finally we have two Commendations in recognition of the brilliant creative thinking of P. Rowli and C. Mason. Thanks both – we loved seeing the UK2 Van in Southampton and on Mars!!! You’ve won a 1 year Web Hosting package with your entries:

Commendation 1

Commendation 2

We’ll be in touch with our prize winners with details of how to claim.

That’s all for now – but more news and competitions to follow.



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Craig Mason
# 10th October, 2007

Hah, I completely forgot about my Mars entry. Glad you guys liked it!

# 10th October, 2007

haha, Well done Alex – Knew taking those pictures would help us win! – now if only the UK2 Van wasn’t always parked in some odd space.. oh and another thing i’ve noticed, they _always_ park near the doors of any Datacentre.. iPH… Mer.. 😛 Lazy UK2 Engineers 😉

# 11th October, 2007

I’m not jealous guys, just a bit p***ed off that I missed the van while i was on a ‘different planet’ as my wife says.

Now for a proper update… at cat /dev/life | grep “Alex”
# 22nd October, 2007

[…] 2 week’s or so ago I got an email from UK2 saying I had won a PS3 for a compo that I entered in the middle of the year. To be completely honest I forgot that I had even entered it, so it came […]

# 31st October, 2007

I was wondering about all that parking ticket we had from Southampton.. 😉

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