Why Should You Start Your Own Business?

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Forget the downsides, let’s take a look at the reasons why you should start a business…

As someone with entrepreneurial interest, you’ve probably heard a million and one reasons not to start a business. And yes, it can’t be denied that there are many risks involved with setting out on your own. However, someone much cleverer than I once said: what’s life without a little risk?

We’re glass-half-full kind of guys here at UK2. We believe that the right attitude can get anything done, and maybe you should take a leaf out of our book! ‘StartUp Britain’ can tell us that at the time of writing, 551,401 businesses have been set up in Britain this year so far. Why not make 2015 the year for you?

With the New Year comes a clean slate and a chance to start afresh: take a look at these 10 reasons why you should bite the bullet and get set up today:

01. You’re in charge

First things first – setting out on your own business adventure means that you get to take the reins. That means that, if you so wish, you can have entire creative and directive control of the ins and outs of your business. While that can be a lot to take on (and it’s advisable to enlist at least a little help), it’s incredibly liberating having only yourself to answer to.

02. Ride the learning curve

As your own boss, you’ll find yourself in a whole load of new and challenging situations. You’ll no doubt meet a few obstacles that you’d rather avoid, but learning to break through them will be a great learning experience.Once you’ve succeeded in business, who knows what you’ll be able to tackle next!

03. Become a Dragon

Now, we’ve all seen Dragon’s Den I hope. If not, then what I am referring to here is you becoming an expert in your field. No matter how much you might think you know about your area of expertise, you can bet that there’ll be a few surprises in store for you when you’re getting set up. It’s all part of your evolution from mere mortal to business guru.

04. Reap the profits

All investments come with a risk attached, but once they pay off, the benefits will make all the risk worth it. The banker was the envy of every player in a game of Monopoly, and with a business venture, you’ll get to be your own banker! While a business needs cashflow to get off the ground, once you’re up and running all of the profits will be yours; you’ll see the direct results of all of your hard work!

05. Get things done

Being the head of ops, you’re not sitting in the shadow of higher powers. As a result, whichever direction you choose to take your business is down to you. Without having to gain approval or permission from higher up, you can take your business wherever you wish and at whatever pace you feel is appropriate.

06. Job security

When you’re the boss, you can be pretty certain that you won’t be getting the chop. As you’re in charge of operations, you’re also in charge of personnel and that means you can build the strongest team around your strongest player (yourself). The option to hand-pick your colleagues will enable you to surround yourself with the people that you know will work hard for your business; friends and family can be a great place to look for loyal colleagues, but will be the hardest to let down if it comes to it.

07. Put your ninja skills to use, and refine them!

As the head of the show, you’ll hone skills such as SEO, social media, PR and finance management. These skills are essential to keeping your business afloat, and you’ll find that down the line you’ll become a true business ninja, building your skillset as you go along. Running a business can make you pretty self-sufficient – these skills will be invaluable in all areas of life!

08. Create opportunities for others

As the boss, the power will be in your hands to create opportunities for others. Building a dynamic team that works together to develop your business is so rewarding, and gives others the chance to get some valuable experience. Look after your team, and they’ll look after your business.

09. Customise your very own work / life balance

I know this has come up a couple of times in this list, but being the boss really does have its perks. Finding the right work / life balance can be a real struggle when you’re lower down the business ladder, but being in charge allows you to cater for your downtime and put as much time into the business as possible. Certainly, the first few months or even years may leave you feeling like free time is just a myth, but once you take off the benefits of being the boss kick in, and you can strike a balance between work and downtime as suits you.

10. Achieve your dreams

The pride that you feel when you bring something to fruition is unrivalled, in my opinion. Launching a successful business is a testing experience, but looking back on what you’ve achieved will make all of the long hours and effort worth it. You’ll have the added bonus of being a great dinner party guest; an advantage of owning a business is that you’ll have a tale or two to tell about the trials, tribulations and eventual thrills of entrepreneur-dom.

Get started today, and bag yourself a powerful hosting solution from UK2.

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# 1st February, 2015

Thankyou I’ve just read your blog on why should you start your own Buisiness I started mine 12 months ago things are slightly changeing for the better but it’s hard work but reading your blog has just reminded me why I’m doing it thankyou let’s hope next 12 months are even better

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