The 7 Deadly Sins of Blogging

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Setting up a business blog can keep traffic coming to your website and increase interaction between you and your customers. But only if you get it right. Freelance blog writer Emilie DeCoursey looks into the pitfalls that lead to a bad blog…


If you’re not publishing new blog posts on a regular schedule you’re sending a confusing message to your visitors. Don’t post three posts in one week and then go a month without publishing anything new. The key is to remain relevant to those who search for the solutions that you provide by blogging about related content on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.


Of course your blog is largely going to be about your business and your thoughts as an organization, but don’t forget your readers before you don’t have any left! Your blog should cover questions, interests and concerns that your customers have and not just be a place to post company party photos or personal views. You might even want to consider writing regularly about issues that aren’t necessarily company-specific, but that relate to your line of business to keep things interesting.


Not including photos, ignoring proper punctuation or grammar, or being sloppy with spacing and sentence structure makes for a rather unappealing read. Though blogs are often seen as the fun section of a website, make sure you still show a professional effort in every post.

Weak Titles

Your blog title is your introduction, the line that either pulls readers in or keeps them clicking away. It can be tricky to alway come up with an attention-grabbing headline, but you can at least make it relevant and descriptive every time, so readers know what to expect.

Ignoring Others

If you receive a comment on a blog post, respond back! Even if the comment is somewhat irrelevant or negative, make sure you reply, to show that reader as well as others that you are serious about engaging with them and are aware of their concerns.

You don’t Share

Take advantage of social media channels for sharing your posts and company content with others. Share a new blog post on your Facebook page, tweet about a promotion, link Instagram photos to content on your website and post interesting videos to clarifying techniques or concepts. This will draw more readers to your blog and your website in general.

Letting Anyone Blog

Many businesses make the mistake of allowing anyone to handle the blogging duties without really considering their background or writing abilities. Your blog can serve as one of your best marketing tools, so make sure you find someone who understands the industry and who can write in an entertaining and engaging way to keep your content fresh and insightful.

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