The end of ‘unlimited’ – subject to FUP?!

March 27th, 2007 by

Quite a nice news story I saw today – there is a petition on the downing street website to end all ‘unlimited’ with fair usage policy broadband packages – they are hopeful of forcing the government to tell OFCOM and the ASA to make companies be more honest about the consequences of going over the fair usage limit of so called ‘unlimited’ packages.

Call me old fashioned but I certainly prefer to call a spade a spade and I can only hope this succeeds and also crosses over to the hosting industry as well as ADSL/Cable – some of the worst offenders are big players in both areas.

You only need to browse a few hosting sites to see ‘unlimited reseller packages’ and ‘unlimited bandwidth’ posted all over the place to see what I mean, the fair usage policy is often hidden in the small print (if the details are stated at all!)

You can add your name to the e-petition here.

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# 27th March, 2007

I agree Andy, there is no such thing as “unlimited”…


Matthew Lanham
# 27th March, 2007

Seems only fair to instruct customers of their obligation in terms of usage, if i buy a product and it says Unlimited usage, that is what i expect!!!

# 30th March, 2007

Ooo i’ll be letting people know about that perition for sure, good find.

This subject is one of my pet hate’s. Especially since at my old address i had a truely ‘unlimited 3meg package and when i moved they had dropped them all in favour of adsl max based ‘unlimited’ packages (off peak, XXgb cap on peak! Grrr)

George Stonham
# 23rd August, 2007

I don’t see the government doing much to stop this CON trick used by ISPs, but legaly I can’t see why the ISPs can’t be held to account through the Trade Description Act.
They are advertising “Unlimited” downloads and then “limiting” the same downloads.

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