The official “thanks for your support” post

April 3rd, 2007 by

I just went through all the core numbers of UK2 (see them below) and I felt obliged to show my appreciation for your support and business so here we go:

This is my official “thanks for your support” post ☺

To all our long time clients: Guys, Thanks for your support, I know that many of you have stuck with us through tough times, and I am glad you have decided to stay with us and giving us a chance to show you what the “new” UK2 is all about. Because of your loyalty our churn rate is lower than ever. It’s been a tough ride, but the turn around of UK2 is well on it’s way and 2007 will be a very good year indeed. I know that you are one of the reasons that we are getting so many new clients these days, as you have all been busy on boards, blogs and in your local communities recommending UK2. Thank you!

And to all the new clients: Thanks for showing your trust in us, leaving your business and online presence in our capable hands. There has become so many more of you, and I bid you all welcome. I hope that you will be happy with your stay here, and I invite you all to give us feedback on how to improve and make UK2 even better. Thank you!

And finally to the UK2 team: Thanks for all your hard work, the long hours and the acceptance of all the changes that we have gone through the last year. Again, those of you from the “old” UK2 have done a great job adapting to the ways we do things now, the busy days and all the stupid questions from us new guys.
And to all the new staff, which is around 75% of UK2 – welcome to UK2, we are very lucky to get you on board. Thank you!

As you can see from the Excel screenshots on hosting and domains below UK2 has gone through a few years with net-loss of clients. 2005 was a particular bad year for us, and in general we have lost business on a monthly basis since 2002. The good news is that this has all stopped now, UK2 is back in full effect and growing stronger than ever.

Below is our Domain trend since Q4 2004, it’s showing the number of domains we have under management:
Domain Trends

Below is our Website trends since Q4 2004, it’s showing the number of web hosting clients we have:

Below is our Dedicated Server trend since Q4 2006 (I don’t have the 2004 numbers in our current systems), it’s showing the number of dedicated servers we have under management:

It’s looking good huh? And the best part is that we have just begun, we have so many new and exciting products and campaigns on the way.

Again, finally – thanks to you all for the support during the last 12 months, and please let us know if you have feedback or good ideas on how to get even better at what we are doing.



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Matthew Lanham
# 3rd April, 2007

THE UK2 TEAM: Fantastic job over the last 12 months, and i’m sure that the next 12 months will be just as good, if not better, you have supported me and my clients and i have grown as a result and i commend you for that.


# 5th April, 2007

not to be picky or anything, but the graphs are somewhat meaningless without a ‘number’ value, but the consistent upwards trend to the end is very promising 🙂

Stuart Johnston
# 5th April, 2007

Good job guys, well deserved!

Mike Banks
# 5th April, 2007

Although I kept all my domains at UK2 I moved my website away a few years ago as the service was pretty poor and inflexible. 7 months ago I tried asking support a question, I kind of expected no response but had an answer in a few minutes. After a few more friendly exchanges and then an offer of trying out the new service for a month I was really enjoying the experience so switched back. Since then I’ve been very happy and am getting much better value than the US based hosts that I was using or looking at.

I am hoping that cpanel will be available for the shared hosting soon but apart from that I am 99% happy with the new improved UK2. Not only am I saving a lot of money but it’s been very reliable and responsive too!

# 6th April, 2007

Shared hosting wil be getting a revamp in the comparatively near future; I’m not certain whether we’ve decided whether we’ll be using Cpanel, Plesk, any other commercial hosting platform or some alternative solution. If I have any say in the matter, we’ll make the transition painless and (hopefully) invisible.

We’ve got other plans when it comes to website hosting that are slightly more subtle than just saying “Get A Dedicated Server” (one of our support guys’ tongue-in-cheek stock response to any complicated query; I think one of Dave’s monitors still has a bit of paper stuck to it, with said slogan written on it.) These are further in the future, so I don’t have anything useful to say about them yet.

Ap0kalipSe: you’re right, the graphs’s Y axis don’t start at 0 ;-). Still, the trend is indicative, and that’s what we wanted to show.

# 6th April, 2007

@Ap0kalipSe: I know that numbers would be nice, but I hope that you understand that putting those in public forums is not good practice.

The graphs were basically put there to show you a trend of whats being going on here since we started the “new” UK2 project about a year ago.

In 2005 we lost around 1500 clients pr month, net, this year we have gained more than 10 times that allready. That would give you an indication.


# 7th April, 2007

Just the fact that the website is better than ever and doesnt look like a five year old designed it (like the old one of around 2 years ago – no offence) must make a big difference to customers being attracted to the services.

it looks so much more professional than it ever did.

well done of turning the business around btw !!!

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