Tips for keeping your New Year Resolutions

January 16th, 2008 by

I guess there are lots of people like me out there who find it very difficult to keep their New Year Resolutions especially the one involving healthy eating, exercise, dieting and saving.

Personally I don’t find it fun skipping my M&S melt in the middle chocolate pudding dessert (yum) or foregoing the ever tempting January sale and not buy that extra pair of shoes that I know I’ll probably wear only once.

Every year I set my New Year resolution but I usually find that around April they are no longer a daily priority and that’s when it all goes wrong. This year I’m determined to keep my resolutions, so I’ve been doing some research on “How to keep your New Year Resolutions”. Here’s what I found:

Be Realistic:

Don’t set yourself unattainable goals. Take the first little step and build on from there.

Instead of resolving to never eat my M&S chocolate pudding dessert (which I must say is very unlikely with the “This is not just pudding” adverts from M&S), I’d rather have it once in a while probably as a reward for being good throughout the week.

Outline your Plan:

Decide how you’ll achieve your goals. Write it down if that makes it easier for you.

For instance if your goal is to stop smoking, write down how you intend to achieve it. Will you get help from the NHS, try nicotine patches, attend anonymous groups? Whatever it is, plan ahead and have a day-to-day guide.

Talk about it:

Tell your friends and family members about your goals. Well at least the one’s that are not too personal. It might also help if you find a buddy who shares the same New Year resolutions and motivate each other.

Reward yourself:

If you’ve been good all week or month, reward yourself. If your goal is to eat better, you don’t necessarily have to reward yourself with a box of chocolate, how about a healthy meal at a restaurant?

Track your Progress:

Keep track of each small progress; this will help keep you motivated.

Stick to it:

Apparently it takes 21days for a new activity such as exercise to become a habit. Stick to your goals and they will become second to nature in no time.

Keep trying and don’t give up:

It might be hard but if you keep trying, you’ll be pleased with yourself at the end of the year!

That’s it!

I’ll be back in April to let you know if this works for me, but I hope it works for you. 🙂

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