Tonight’s the night! PC Pro Awards 2007

December 4th, 2007 by

Hi everyone,

Tonight 11 of us from UK2 are off to the PC Pro Awards 2007, to see whether we’ll reach the glorified heights of becoming “Best Web Host”.

We were really proud to be shortlisted, as we feel we’ve changed and improved as a company a heck of a lot over the past year.

The 11 attendees are myself, Annie, Ditlev and Paul and 7 of our “Employees of the Month” as we thought it would a further thank you to recognise their outstanding contribution to UK2.

It should be a really great evening. It’s being held in the Science Museum in South Kensington (very posh!) and is a Black Tie affair.

Anyway, we’ll let you know how we get on, and tomorrow I’ll post a few piccies of us either celebrating or commiserating!

Bye for now!


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A Fantastic Night …


# 4th December, 2007

I remember when UK2 didn’t have 11 staff.

# 4th December, 2007

Good Luck guys! Enjoy your evening, whatever the outcome!

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