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Hey guys,

It’s Friday again, I get to do my favourite blog posts, and as of today we’re now exactly 6 weeks away from Christmas! 😀 Talking of Christmas, are you guys doing anything special over the festive season? I’m yet to plan anything interesting so maybe I can get ideas from you. 😉

Right, let’s get back to some marketing tips. 🙂 Please see my previous posts on Email Marketing (to link to, Affiliate Marketing (to link to, Search Marketing (to link to, and Social Marketing (to link to


It is estimated that 70% of SMEs don’t have a business website, despite the fact that over 60% of high street purchases are first researched online. As a small business owner, a website is probably the singular most important thing you can own for your business. It’s not just about being in with the crowd, but owning a business website could save you £££’s whilst earning you some new ones as well.

Why do you need a business website?

1) Reach new markets

There are millions of consumers worldwide searching for products and services online every minute. A website could expose your business to these potential customers, and even if your products or services cannot be purchased directly online, you could still build awareness of your business which could result in sales leads or conversions at a later stage.

2) Cost savings

Why spend money printing brochures when you can simply point customers to your website for all the information they require? Not only will you be saving yourself some cash, but your customers will be able to access the information round the clock, and you will be able to update the information as, and when you require.

3) Increased Sales

If your products or services can be bought directly online, then by all means sell sell sell on your website. If not, add a contact form to your website for those very important sales leads!

4) Internet Marketing

You cannot engage in Search or Affiliate marketing without a website, and even if you can send emails to your customers, post on facebook, or tweet on twitter without a website, it is not half as effective compared to when you can refer your customers back to your website using these mediums.

5) It is expected

I guess there are a few people including myself who see businesses with quality websites as being professional. I still refer to the internet to find out about companies before I use them, and having a website could change the way potential customers perceive your business.

How do you get a business website?

First of all you need a domain name, design a website, and then get webhosting to host your website files.

A domain name should ideally reflect the name of your business as this will make it easier for people to find you online. You might also want to get all the main top level domain names, such as .com, and .net, so that your competitors don’t buy them and build up on your branding efforts.

At UK2, we have made it easy for you to get your website online using our webhosting services. With the Business Webhosting package (, you get 3 domain names free for only £6.95 / month, and if you wish to sell online, the E-commerce package ( makes it very easy for you with a free domain name and shop templates for only £10.95 per month!

Once your website is live, you can really start enjoying the benefits of marketing your business online using my Search, Email, Affiliate and Social Media marketing techniques.

I hope this blog has given you some useful tips which you can apply to your business. Good luck, and I wish you all the best in your online endeavours.

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# 11th February, 2010

Great post, very usefull. thank you.

# 15th February, 2010

I would say that am grateful that I came to this site because I was planning to gamble in Marketing my business in the internet then I came to your site. with no idea how to start. But with your tips this can be a great help to my part being a start on this new arena of online business

Thanks you so much .. I will try your tips..

Jon the action figure buff
# 19th February, 2010

I think it’s safe to say most business owners have one way or the other thought about getting a website for their business. A lot of small businesses are not renewing their yellow pages spaces for its online counterpart. But what if they do have a website? Having a website doesn’t mean they’ll get exposure. Sure, a “http” will look good on a business card but just having the website doesn’t equate sales. To have sales you need to have people, and with so many millions of sites out there how are you going to get exposure?

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# 22nd February, 2010

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# 26th February, 2010

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William Baril
# 14th June, 2010

basic but overlooked tips, thanks for the post.

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