Top Social Media Tools for 2011

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There are at least 200 social media tools out there for the web strategist to use. They range from in depth social media monitoring platforms (which cost you significant amounts of money) to freely disseminated “moderate” tools. Some appear more than others on lists of top tools for social media: so we’ve organised the best of the lot into one place for you. Herewith, our top social media tools for 2011.

We’ll start with the free stuff and the low cost platforms.

Addictomatic searches the web on your behalf, finding the hottest blog and tweet topics for you. Direct the subject matter of your social media campaign without having to put in hours of exhaustive research.

Monitter lets you keep a keyword directed eye on Twitter. Find out what people are saying about the things you are optimising for.

• Use Topsy if you want to grab bits of web conversation matching your keywords or optimisation strategies. Find out what the people who talk about your search criteria link to.

Twitalyzer is a useful social media tool for working out how well your campaign is doing.

• The good old Google Analytics Keyword Tool remains useful in determining the interest the web user has in key words and terms you use. It’ll also suggest alternatives that may be more fruitful.

Klout is a social media tool designed to let you track the people who have most influence over your chosen area of the net. Get to them and you get through to everyone.

Untweeps – make sure you keep up to date. Untweeps is in our list of top social media tools not because it finds you new ground but because it makes sure you are no longer associated with ground that has dried up.

Pitchengine is a good social media tool for anyone looking to continue a PR SEO campaign: it’ll direct your press releases to the social media locations they are most likely to score big on.

Fiverr helps you grow quick, easy Facebook and Twitter followings. Pay on demand.

Social Mention – the ultimate low cost tool for web marketing. Social Mention monitors pretty much every existing social media stream and gives you detailed reports on what they are all obsessed with.

Our final five, in our list of top social media tools for 2011, are the high end platforms. Typically these will set you back around £500 to use: but they are well worth it. Radian6, Lithium, Attensity360, Alterian SM2 and Spiral16 will all give you deep insights into what your consumers are talking about, where your market is “living” on the net and how emotional they are towards your brand. Monitor specific campaigns or your business presence in general.

We hope you find these tools useful. If you know of any other tools which have helped your social media platform perform well please share them with our readers.

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# 25th February, 2011

Dont forget to mention Tweetdeck as well.

It allows posting to twitter, facebook and FourSquare, as well as other social networks that you can add in manually….its great too.

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