Why Twitter Could Be Your Killer Customer Relations Tool

February 20th, 2015 by

Is Twitter the best way to keep in contact with your customers?

The technical revolution has changed the way we do business; we’re closer to our customers than ever before. Just this morning I had a conversation on Twitter with Lynne from Sainsbury’s, who helped me out with my problem in next to no time. The thing about Twitter is that it’s instant and the flow of information is constant. While yes, it’s just another outlet for your customers to complain on, it’s also a platform for you to turn those complaints into praise and keep your customers happy!

We’ve written before about just how important a social media presence could be to your business. On a basic level (before boosted and sponsored posts) it’s free and could help you widen your brand reach into the four corners of the globe. The internet keeps the world connected, with Twitter alone being home to over 465 million accounts.

So why should Twitter be the go-to social media account for your business?


On Twitter you can create a brand personality which may deviate from the tone of voice on your website, 140 characters doesn’t leave you much space to keep things corporate and formal so why not bring the tone down to a more personal level? Twitter (and other social media sites) allow you to bring real personality to your brand, showing your clientele that you’re more than just a corporate entity.


Twitter is a great place to start discussion. The use of hashtags allows you to target your Tweets to an audience who are interested in your topics of conversation, encouraging engagement from all over the globe and getting your brand identity out there for potential and existing customers to see.


While many customers use Twitter as a place to vent their frustration with service and support – and many businesses may be wary of the negative feedback – it’s also a platform for your customers to praise you personally and for you to turn unsatisfied customers into happy ones. Take my example of Sainsbury’s from this morning: I was unhappy with a purchase and received a speedy response from their social media correspondent, who turned my complaint into praise!


You can use Twitter to promote your business and share any content, offers or product reviews. In this respect Twitter could become the lynchpin of your marketing strategy, distributing marketing materials to a potentially huge audience. The fast nature of the Twitter newsfeed means that you can get away with posting about the same blog post, offer or promotion a few times without getting pulled up for being too spammy. We wouldn’t recommend that you post around the clock though as you don’t want to detract from the personality of your Twitter feed by saturating it with marketing messages.

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