Two Pints of Lager and a New Website Please

July 11th, 2014 by

Actually, UK2 don’t sell lager, but we do offer .pub web address endings…

The pub industry hasn’t had it easy over the past decade. The smoking ban and the recession have both taken their toll on the great British boozer.

This month, there’s good news for pub owners, for a change. Tomorrow, the new web address ending .pub goes on sale on the Internet, giving pub-owners the chance to join a new community online.

And online communities don’t get much quirkier than this. It could be home to pubs like The Hatchett Inn in Bristol that has a door made of human skin, and the Warren House Inn in Devon, where the fire hasn’t been extinguished since 1845.

Then you’ve got your record breakers. There’s the Tan Hill Inn in Yorkshire, which is the highest pub in the world, and The Signal Box in Cleethorpes, which is the smallest.

And you can’t talk about great pubs without name-dropping the Mermaid Inn Rye, which is rumoured to be the most haunted pub in Britain, and The Frog and Toad in Gillingham, which serves yards of ale in glasses so special that customers have to leave a shoe behind the bar as a deposit – the reason being, the customer can’t run off with a glass.

To get your own .pub website visit the UK2 domains page from tomorrow…


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