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December 22nd, 2007 by


UK2 has been through a lot of changes throughout the last 18-24 months, those of you who have been with us longer than that, tend to say that we are a completely different company now.

Today I am a happy MD, UK2 has moved into a new phase that will take us new places and make us an even cooler company for both you guys, our partners and our team.

A few hours ago we sent out this press release, and I wanted to make sure you all were updated…So, here we go:


      CHICAGO AND LONDON, 21st December 2007

      UK2 Continues Expansion by Acquiring Shared Hosting Assets from midPhase Services Inc.
      Leading web hosting organization UK-2 Group, Ltd. (, announced today that it has completed the acquisition of US hosting provider midPhase Services Inc.’s Shared and Virtual Private Server businesses. This acquisition continues the expansion plans of UK-2 Group and closely follows the recent acquisition of clients from US host Stargate.

      “We are extremely happy to announce our acquisition of midPhase” commented UK-2 Group CEO Ditlev Bredahl. “It is the next step towards achieving our ambitious growth strategy and the continued international expansion of UK-2 Group. This acquisition now makes UK-2 Group one of the largest international hosting companies, which will allow us to have a hugely positive impact on the marketplace.”

      UK-2 Group has been a significant player in the British and European hosting markets for many years, and recently underwent a large restructure, making important organizational changes in readiness for customer growth plans and challenging the bigger hosting brands. UK-2 is one of the largest domain registrars in the UK having registered over 1 million domain names.

      “Zak and I are both very happy to announce the handover of our shared and VPS customers to UK-2. We’re very happy to have been able to reach a deal which results in minimal disruption to our customers,” said Dan Ushman, Co-founder and President of midPhase Services, Inc.

      UK-2 Group intends to continue operation of midPhase’s various brands, including:, and, due to its successful approach and market leadership to date. UK2 will not integrate midPhase into any existing UK-2 Group brand. This means there will be no impact on existing midPhase customers in terms of products, services, prices and support. UK-2 does not plan to migrate servers and has chosen to collocate the existing midPhase servers with SingleHop, Inc., a company owned and operated by Zak Boca and Dan Ushman.

      About UK2
      UK-2 Group, a major player in the British hosting industry since the late nineties, provides domain name registration and web hosting services to many customers through its family of hosting brands –, and The group operates its services out of several state of the art, multi million pound data centers and are committed to providing reliable, secure and great value products and services underpinned with excellent support. UK2-Group is also a major shareholder in the merged Redbus Interhouse and Telecity Group, the leading European data centre provider.

      About midPhase Services, Inc.
      midPhase Services, Inc. is a privately held web hosting and Internet services company founded in 2003 and based out of Chicago. midPhase provides budget, shared, advanced and other types of web hosting services to a wide range of clients ranging from small business to individuals. By providing a robust technological base and reasonable pricing, midPhase is able to offer customers an unbeatable value. midPhase is able to distinguish itself from countless other providers by offering an incredible value to our customers. This combination of advanced products and affordability has helped midPhase retain a record-breaking growth pattern, faster than the industry average every month since inception. Unlike most web-hosting providers, midPhase owns all of the hardware it uses. midPhase does not rent or lease servers.

This is really a big thing – it has taken more than 6 months for us to finalize and I can not tell you how happy I am that we are finally there. Take a look at our new sites:, and


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# 22nd December, 2007

A hosting company from over here that’s also doing rather well over there eh? No wonder you’re a happy MD!
It’s great to see the changes – and nice to be associated at last with what seems to be a forward looking, dynamic young company!

# 22nd December, 2007

How strange… I just filled in your survey saying those products were be a great idea for you to offer.

I host my sites with two different companies UK2 for dedicated servers and Hostgator for small/shared managed reselling now maybe I can host everything with UK2….. hint! hint!

Stuart Johnston
# 22nd December, 2007

Fantastic news, and it comes at a good time of year! Merry Christmas to the UK2 team and congratulations on your expansion. Let’s hope 2008 brings nothing but success 🙂

# 22nd December, 2007

thanks guys 🙂

Andrew Marlow
# 23rd December, 2007

I am using fasthosts and have been hit by the recent trouble which was due to a security breach. Hence I am looking for a new email and web hosting provider. What I am looking for is one whose security is better than fasthosts. You would think that can’t be difficult, security at fasthosts is non-existent. They send usernames and passwords in plaintext in emails, they store passwords in plaintext, they use protocols such as telnet and FTP which are known to have security holes such as sending usernames and passwords over the wire in plaintext. Despite the breaches they continue to do these things which are known to be bad practise. Sadly, most customers do not seem to care or understand either. The ones that are leaving are doing so purely because they have found someone who is cheaper. It is amazing that the cost seems to be the only factor involved when email/webHosting companies advertise for business. What about security?

I am looking for a provider that does not make the mistakes fasthosts make. I have found a few but only in the USA. I am in the UK and would prefer a UK provider. But so far I have not been able to find one. I wonder, what does UK2 have to say about security concerns. I cannot see whereabouts on the web page this is talked about.

-Andrew Marlow

Matt Wolff
# 26th December, 2007

Hiya –

This is Matt Wolff, affiliate manager over at midPhase. I just wanted to chime in here and say how excited we all are over on this side of the pond at the news of the acquisition! We’re thrilled at the prospect of having the direction and resources of such a well-respected company behind us as we keep growing and finding success everywhere we go. What midPhase brings to the table is a team of wildly enthusiastic tech professionals all working with the same goal of making midPhase as successful as possible. We hope to keep that steam going into 2008, our 5th year of business!

Here’s to a fantastically successful future!

Matt Wolff

# 31st December, 2007

Thanks Matt, I know I speak for the full UK2 team when I say that we are really excited to get you guys as colleagues. As you know I’ve been in Chicago for a few days now, meeting the midPhase team, and you guys seriously kick ass.

UK2 has grown from a team of only 10-12 people to around 55 in less than 2 years, so it goes without saying that a lot of us are pretty new to the industry – I am sure that the strong experience that most of the team at midPhase (incl. you Matt) brings on board will prove very valuable to all of us.


Phil Ray
# 3rd January, 2008

We at Clearcall wish you every success – it is fully deserved by your approach to the business.

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