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March 20th, 2007 by

Today we have launched a fantastic offer for new UK2 customers, supported by a humorous online and offline marketing campaign.

The Offer:

Any customer buying a Domain Name or Dedicated Server from now until 30th April 2007 will be able to take advantage of our Buy One Get One Free offer! For every Domain Name or Dedicated Server purchased customers will be able to get another one of equivalent or less value, absolutely free!

This means that customers will be able to get even more value for money from UK2. They can choose from our range of top level domains and get two for the price of one, they could also double up and get two servers for the price of one.

The Campaign:

The Buy One Get One Free campaign will be marketed in the next issues of PC Pro, Computer Shopper, Personal Computer World and Computeract!ve magazines. We’ve also planned lots of online banner activity and will be promoting the offer using email newsletters to our customers and affiliates.

The creative concept behind the Buy One Get One Free campaign is twins! We all thought it was a great idea as it gets the message across very simply, and the twins chosen add a bit of cheekiness which will hopefully encourage lots of interest.

Why Are We Doing This?

UK2 has transformed as a company over the past year, and is committed to providing customers with fantastic products, competitive prices and first class levels of support. From the Marketing and Sales Team perspective we hope that by having offers such as Buy One Get One Free that more and more people will find out about UK2, who we are, what we do, and ultimately give us a go!

Also we know that many customers want to buy several Domain Names or several Dedicated Servers at the same time, so we’re trying to respond to customer needs by launching an offer which really does give customers the chance to save money and get a great deal! That’s because customers don’t have to stop at buying one to get one free as the offer is unlimited – buy 8 domains and get another 8 for free, or get 3 servers and get another 3 for free!

For more information why not visit and don’t forget that you can send any comments to the Marketing and Sales Team by emailing

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Matthew Lanham
# 20th March, 2007

This is an excellent offer, well done to whoever managed to push this through the financial channels, and i agree that UK2 have gone through massive changes….

Good luck with the campaign

# 23rd March, 2007

You know, those weird-looking bald guys are really growing on me. Just thought I’d mention it.

David Precious
# 23rd March, 2007

I couldn’t make up my mind if it was just two shots of the same guy composited together or actual twins, but I think it really is twins. Great image to use to promote the BOGOF offer though – nice one Marketing 🙂

# 25th March, 2007

“for new UK2 customers”

And what do we get who have been with you for years?

# 26th March, 2007

@ alan: Sorry, thats our bad. This offer is naturally both for new and current clients. 🙂

# 31st March, 2007

Just to be clear. As an existing owner of a dedicated server will I get an additional server of the same spec?

If this is correct what do I need to do to get this box up and running?


# 31st March, 2007

@ Andy
All clients – new and current – can order a server with us, and get one for free. We are not giving all current client an extra server for free though, to get a server for free you would have to buy one. I hope its clear now, if not feel free to call our freenumber: 0800 612 2142 and ask for Andy or Dan, they will tell you more 🙂

# 31st March, 2007

A little confused by the terms of the bogof offer though: “The product given for free remains free for the duration of the contract period, after which standard prices are payable if the contract is renewed.” i.e. if I take a server on a monthly contract (small business – we can’t afford to pay for a year in advance) then the second server is only free for a month?

I’m guessing that really is the case because you don’t get something for nothing in life 😉

# 1st April, 2007

In other words, there’s no such thing as a free launch ;-).

# 1st April, 2007

Yup – you got it.

There is still a lot to save though.

Lets take our most expensive server configuration, which would be a £199 server and a full gigabit of bandwidth, unmetered and unshared. Price is 4198 pr month. Granted that is a big pricetag, however, the price is more than fair compared to our competitors.

If you bought that now, you would get a server just like it, with its own dedicated gigabit feed to it for free – and hence save £4198. If you did buy a full year contract up front your saving would actually be £50376.
It goes without saying that we hope no one would do that – UK2 would not make money from it, but it would be possible if you wanted to 🙂

But yes, your free server is only free for the time of your initial term, so if you pay for one month, its free for one month, buy for three months and its free for three months – etc etc 🙂


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