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September 18th, 2014 by

We join the .london party with Boris Johnson, a few super models, and a giant .london cake…

By the time Boris Johnson had finished celebrating the launch of .london this morning, he’d got so excited about the world of web addresses that he was calling the dogs from Battersea Dogs Home ‘dot dogs’.

We met up with him at City Hall around 10am to talk about what the new city-centric web address means for the city. By 11am he was so into the concept that he was starting his sentences with hashtags and ‘www-dots’.

“.london is a cool domain name,” said Boris, when we settled into to a slightly more serious interview. “It seems to be the one that everyone wants. So far 44 thousand have been registered. It’s very very popular. People want to be associated with the financial and artistic capital of the world.”

Stood against the backdrop of Tower Bridge and a large .london cake, Boris also expressed his hopes for the role .london can play in capital-based businesses.

“This is fantastic for London businesses,” explained Boris. “It’s an opportunity to brand themselves up. London is the place that everyone wants to come to. It was the biggest tourist destination in the world last year. Businesses want to identify themselves with that.”

Some of the champions of .london joined Boris in the celebrations this morning. These businesses included Storm models, White Hat Bakers, Battersea Dogs Home, and London Dance Academy.

“London is home,” said model BB Kaye, talking about what’s special about the London modelling scene. “London has an important vibe. It hits home as a city.”

“There’s very much a London vibe,” agreed model Stephanie Rad, who towered above Boris in her six inch stilettos. “It’s quite personal modeling here.”

Carly Whyborn, head of operations at Battersea Dog’s Home, spoke about why they had got on board with the .london web address, too. They’ll be launching a new .london site, dedicated to the Battersea area in Spring next year.

“We’ve been an iconic part of London and Battersea since 1871,” said Carly. “Our .london sites are going to embody everything that’s special about the place where we are based and the people that come to visit us. People show a lot of love for their pets in this city.”

.london is available to buy now. If you want to take Boris’ advice “Go for it. Sign up now.” Or check out our Pinterest board for more pics. 



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