UK2 Employee of the Month Award – April 2007

May 31st, 2007 by

Employee of the Month for April 2007 is awarded to:


Esben Kvorning, Graphic Designer

Esben joined UK2 in December 2006, and made a bigger jump than most of us by moving here from Denmark! When he joined, Esben was providing design support on UK2 but was mainly focussed on the other brands in the UK2 family such as, Supreme Support and Managed Box. However, in February 2007 Esben’s role changed and he became wholly responsible for the UK2 website. He had no qualms about this new responsibility, immediately rose to the challenge and got stuck in. He has since introduced a bright new look and feel, has made it easier for customers to use and navigate, and has fixed and updated many pages and parts of the website.

Esben is a very hard worker and is really committed to his job. He takes a lot of pride in his designs and coding, and is very knowledgeable, so provides well informed suggestions and recommendations for how to develop the UK2 website. Esben is now making changes and improvements on a daily basis, and in April he created a brand new, eye catching UK2 homepage.

Esben is an integral part of the Marketing Department and has a natural flair for working with the UK2 brand. His work to date has received excellent feedback from both UK2 customers and employees, but his work doesn’t just look good it has helped improve clickthroughs and sales. Esben often goes beyond the call of duty by putting in extra hours after work, and he has supported me in launching several marketing campaigns – which can be quite a stressful time! He also works extremely quickly to keep delivering task after task on a timely basis. All of this explains why Esben is the winner of this months Employee of the Month Award.


Annalien Smit, Operations Manager




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Stuart Johnston
# 31st May, 2007

Esben, if you get to read this, congratulations – very well done!
Love your work.. keep up the good work!!

# 31st May, 2007

yup – keep up the good work Esben 🙂

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