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If you are familiar with UK2 or have been a customer for a while, you may have noticed a lot of changes over the past 6 – 8 months. UK2 has undergone major surgery to introduce the “NEW FACE OF UK2”.

But first let me introduce myself, I am Annalien Smit, Operations Manager of UK2.

I started with UK2 about 2 years ago and focused on “getting to know what UK2 is really all about”. I manage the Operations, HumanResources functions and most importantly the UK2 Call Centre. During this past year, along with a new dedicated and devoted Management Team we managed to get UK2 shaped and sculpted into the most successful hosting company in the UK.

One of the main changes over the past 6 – 8 months, which I’ve been heavily involved in, is providing excellent customer support. Since UK2 began we’ve only provided customers with online support as it was a small and somewhat impersonal company. But recently UK2 introduced the best communication tool EVER – Telephone Support! I can just imagine how grateful all of our customers must be. This way we can add a more personal touch to our service and really listen to all our valued customers.

I’d also like to share with you some of the details of what really happens behinds the “NEW FACE OF UK2”

Here at UK2 we try to deliver the best ever service to our customers by having a trustworthy and committed team. Our employees are highly trained and skilled and are experts on the technology and services we provide here at UK2. We strive for success in the workplace and ensure every department is buzzing with enthusiasm. To add to this enthusiasm, we introduced the “Employee of the Month Award” within UK2. All of our committed employees are striving for this award and hope to obtain the title very soon. Our employees are highly rewarded with this success as it adds value to our company.

I wish to introduce to you our Employee of the Month for January and February 2007.

The UK2 Administration Team won the title for the January 2007 Award!
January 2007 Employee of the Month

Please meet Tilly Mitchell – Tilly joined UK2 in November 2006 and is part of the UK2 Administration Team and supports all of the UK2 departments such as IT, Operations, HR, Marketing, Finance etc.

Tilly is highly trained to provide support and administrative skills to these departments. She takes considerable pride in here role and brings a really positive energy to all the teams. It is such a pleasure to work with someone who has such a great attitude to her role and the company, and delivers consistently.

The UK2 Call Centre Department won the title for the February 2007 Award!

February 2007 Employee of the Month

I’d like to introduce to you, Chetash Patel. We know him internally as Chet, but some of our loyal customers like to call him Chip! Chet has been with UK2 since October 2006 and he has become a great asset to UK2.

Chet is part of UK2’s Call Centre Team and provides 2nd line support within the Technical Department of UK2. The enthusiasm and loyalty Chet delivers to UK2 is amazing. Chet is such a likeable guy and I bet all the customers are already waiting in the queue to speak to Chet to have a taste of that great enthusiasm. So go on, call UK2 today for support, maybe you are lucky and you’ll be speaking to Chet!

If you are a UK2 customer and have experienced great support from our devoted Call Centre Team, please feel free to send in your comments to me: – Operations Manager UK2.NET

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# 14th March, 2007

Hi Chip! Well done…

Matthew Lanham
# 19th March, 2007

Keep up the good work!

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