UK2 Group Release – VPS.NET Exclusive Deal and New Feature

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Hi everyone,

Have a read of our latest press release, about an exclusive deal for VPS.NET customers and a brand new feature VPS.NET have recently launched.



LONDON, 18th May 2009

VPS.NET – Exclusive Deal with ISPmanager and New Features

UK2 Group is pleased to announce an exclusive deal with ISPsystem which will allow VPS.NET to offer customers ISPsystem’s flagship control panel “ISPmanager PRO” for FREE.

ISPmanager PRO is one of the leading server management control panels in the market. The control panel allows customers to manage various aspects of a web server through a friendly web interface. ISPmanager Pro is powerful but lightweight, as it only utilizes 10MB of RAM and 40MB of Hard Disk space. The usual pricing for ISPmanager is €34.00 per month, which means that VPS.NET customers get even greater value from their VPS solution as they will get ISPmanager for free.

In addition, VPS.NET have recently launched a new feature which allows customers to upgrade the amount of nodes on their VPS when needed. There are two kinds of upgrade available, temporary and permanent. With a temporary upgrade a customer can select to add a number of nodes to their VPS at a certain date and time, and keep it there for a determined period of days and afterwards the extra nodes will simply go away. Customers only pay for the extra “temporary burst nodes” on a daily rate of £1 per node. With a permanent upgrade a customer can schedule their VPS to be upgraded to an increased number of nodes, which are permanently added to the account and assigned to the VPS. The nodes can be removed at any time but are charged for at the standard monthly rates.

This feature is ideal for customers who need the extra capacity on a short term, flexible basis with pricing to match. Instances of when temporary or permanent “bursts” might be needed are; to support marketing activities which result in an influx of website traffic, for increasing the amount of resources for development projects, for growing companies who might not need the extra resources straight away but want to future proof and so on. In the near future VPS.NET will be launching “Recurring Scheduled Bursts” where customers can set temporary increases in nodes on a recurring basis.

“Our VPS.NET product is doing extremely well across the UK2 Group and we have had lots of great feedback from our customers” comments Ditlev Bredahl, CEO of UK2 Group “We aspire to having the best Cloud Hosting solution available so will continue to launch great features which will amaze current and potential customers”

VPS.NET has been designed to simplify the process of virtual private server cloud hosting, whilst at the same time making it available and affordable for everyone. It will be a valuable addition to many of the brands within the UK2 Group. It is the ideal hosting solution for many customers.

About VPS.NET and UK2 Group
VPS.NET is a recent addition to the UK2 Group, and offers affordable virtual private server cloud hosting. It is a redundant cloud system, which utilizes a RAID 10 SAN backend and node based VPS architecture. It also has immediate scalability with pre set up stacks, a simple billing process and a user friendly management portal. For more information about please visit

UK2 Group provides domain name registration and web hosting services to many global customers through its family of hosting brands –, midPhase, WestHost,, AN Hosting, Autica,,, WingSix, Supreme Support, Dotable, and the most recent addition VPS.NET. The group operates its services out of several state of the art, multi million pound data centres in the UK and US, and are committed to providing reliable, secure and great value products and services underpinned with excellent support.

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One Comment

# 19th May, 2009

My experience so far with has been nothing but positive. The support team are very responsive and highly knowledgeable, always with that “happy to help” attitude in their replies. Once you get your head around the concept of the “nodes”, the product offering can be tailored for a wealth of applications, and upgraded with no hassle when needed.

The ISPmanager Control Panel was extremely simple to install and setup thanks to the instructions on the community forums. I also gratefully accepted a free COMODO SSL certificate on offer to all customers, which was extremely simple to install from within the control panel. I didn’t even need to ask for support for this, though I’m sure they’d have been glad to help.

The architecture seems a cut above any of the competition, and having the ability to host in both USA/UK under one roof is yet another added bonus. The management portal is simple and sleek, making it very easy to manage your DNS and servers.

As with any new ventures, there have been a few teething issues, but the development and support team are completely on the ball and have these ironed out in no time. They are also encourage user feedback and feature suggestions, letting you know if and when they will implement new features.

The service is worth every penny (and probably more), and from what I’ve seen so far, the future can only get even brighter for users.

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