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UK2 on the loose in London

June 25th, 2014 by

We may have taken over London, but we want to help you take over the .UK

Yep, old Britannia now has her own slice of the Internet in the form of new web ending .uk.

And as you digest that. the tubes, trains and taxis of London are winding their way around the capital proudly bearing the UK2 logo, so all citizens can share in the good news.

Should you see one out and about on your metropolitan wanderings, be sure to take a snap on your smartphone and tweet it to @UK2.

Do that, and we’ll give you a free .uk domain all your own.

Or, if you don’t live close to London, get creative with Photoshop – we also have .uk websites to give away to whoever can place the UK2 logo into the most original spots on the map.

First London, then the UK, then the World…


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