Becomes 100th Member to Join LONAP’s Peering Network

December 2nd, 2010 by are proud to announce that we have recently become the 100th member to join LONAP’s peering network

LONAP, a London-based Internet Exchange Point (IXP), facilitates web traffic interchange between its members on the peering network and operate its services out of 5 state-of-the-art data centres across London.

The deal sees LONAP providing UK2 with connections of 100GBps with inter-site links ensuring UK2’s speed of connectivity to the peering network remains fast giving our users a better connectivity to our website as well as improving their overall web experience. Reduced latency, one of many advantages, allows members to exchange traffic locally menaing that data packets reach their destination faster as they have less distance to travel. LONAP will also provide us with more routes to sites hosted on the IXP increasing the resilience of our connectivity into the UK infrastructure.

We understand that consumers are looking for a more responsive online experience. People are constantly wanting improvements on speed –  this new deal with LONAP should help us to cater for those needs.

All-in-all we are very excited about becoming the 100th member to join LONAP’s peering network and are excited about what the partnership will yield in the months/years to come.

For more information on LONAP, click here.

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